KSAC Announces 2016 Fall All-Conference Selections, Colton Rapp Football Big School Offensive MVP, Number Of Bobcats Named (11/07/16)

The Keystone Shortway Athletic Conference announced their 2016 Fall Sports All-Conference Teams today (Monday, November 7th) and Clarion Area is well represented.


Colton Rapp was named Offensive MVP on the Big School Football Squad. Colton was named as a Running Back and Linebacker. Several other Bobcats were named on the Big School Team. Zak Bauer was named on the Offensive Line. Thomas Wurster was named as a Tight End and Defensive End and Ty Burford was named as a Wide Receiver and Cornerback. Spencer Miller was an Honorable Mention.

Big School Co-Linemen of the Year are Carter Dunmyre of Karns City and Nic Williams of St. Marys. Defensive MVP is Chandler Turner of Karns City. Small School Lineman of the Year is River Young of Clarion-Limestone. Mike Macafe of Clarion-Limestone is both Offensive and Defensive MVP.


Clarion Area had four girls make this year’s squad. Olivia Burns and Gloria Kroh were both named to the First Team and Maya Thornton and Alexis Constantino were named to the Second Team.

Josey Terwilliger from A-C Valley is this year’s MVP.

Boys’ Cross Country

The Bobcats had two runners make First Team, Adam Bettwy and Nathaniel Lerch.

Cranberry’s Harrison Keenan is the Boys’ MVP.

Girls’ Cross Country

Chelsae Mason and Katie Craig represent the Lady Cats on the First Team.

Rebecca Pennington from Karns City is the Girls’ MVP.


Brothers Cam Craig and Josh Craig were named to the Third Team.

MVP is Kolby Montgomery from A-C Valley/Union

(Congratulations to all the Bobcats and Lady Cats and all the other athletes who made this year’s All-Conference Teams!!!!)

Complete listing of 2016 KSAC Fall All-Conference Teams follows:

2016 KSAC All-Conference Football Big School

Lineman of the Year: Carter Dunmyre – Karns City, Nic Williams – St. Marys
Offensive MVP: Colton Rapp – Clarion Area
Defensive MVP: Chandler Turner – Karns City
Offensive Interior Line:
Zak Bauer – Clarion
Carter Dunmyre – Karns City
Dalton Jones – Karns City
Nic Williams – St. Marys
Blake Bizousky – Punxsutawney                                                                                                                                                    Slot Back:
Kaiden Powers – Karns City
Ethan Riley – Punxsutawney
Running Back:
Colton Rapp – Clarion Area
Chandler Turner – Karns City
Matt Marconi – St. Marys                                                                                                                                                              Wide Receiver:
Dalton Anderson – Moniteau
Jeff Wehler – St. Marys
Ty Burford – Clarion Area
Christian Steffan – St. Marys
Tight End:
Thomas Wurster – Clarion Area
Jake King – Karns City                                                                                                                                                               Return Specialist:
Ethan Riley – Punxsutawney
Ethan Riley – Punxsutawney
Place Kicker
Steven Fawcett – Moniteau
Colton Rapp – Clarion Area
Blake Bizousky – Punxsutawney
Christian Steffan – St. Marys
Brayden Fedorek – Karns City
Sebastian Troutman – Karns City
Defensive Ends:
Thomas Wurster – Clarion Area
Jimmy Thompson – Karns City

Defensive Line:
Carter Dunmyre – Karns City
Nic Williams – St. Marys
Carl Medsgar – Punxsutawney                                                                                                                                                       Safety:
Jeff Wehler – St. Marys
Chandler Turner – Karns City
Cullen Williams – Karns City
Ty Burford – Clarion Area 

Honorable Mention:
Spencer Miller – Clarion Area
Brian Dworek – Brookville
Dillin Anderson – Moniteau

2016 KSAC All-Conference Football Small School    

 Lineman of the Year: River Young – Clarion-Limestone
Offensive MVP: Mike Macefe – Clarion-Limestone
Defensive MVP: Mike Macefe – Clarion-Limestone
Offensive Interior Line:
Pat Crawford – Redbank Valley
River Young – Clarion-Limestone
Dana Logue – Union/A-CV
Scott Toth – Redbank Valley
Christian Smith – Clarion-Limestone                                                                                                                                           Slot Back:
Tanner Wilson – Keystone
Riley Hummell Clarion-Limestone
Running Back:
Mike Macefe Clarion-Limestone
Colten Moheny – Redbank Valley
Lane Chalmers – Union/A-CV
Wide Receiver:
Corey Rapp – Keystone
Sam Leadbetter – Clarion-Limestone
Clint Thurston – Redbank Valley
Tight End:
Ben Smith – Clarion-Limestone
Brendan Makray – Clarion-Limestone
Return Specialist:
Brock Barrett – Redbank Valley
Clint Thurston – Redbank Valley
Place Kicker:
Clint Thurston – Redbank Valley
Camden Boggess – Keystone
Scott Toth-  Redbank Valley
Mike Macefe Clarion-Limestone
Dana Logue – Union/A-CV
Defensive Ends:
Jared Kespelher – Redbank Valley
River Young – Clarion-Limestone
Defensive Line:
Clint Thurston – Redbank Valley
Pat Crawford – Redbank Valley
Justin Goodman – Clarion-Limestone
Tanner Wilson –
Brock Barrett – Redbank Valley
Colten Mohney – Redbank Valley
Sam Leadbetter – Clarion-Limestone                                                                                                                                           Honorable Mention:
Nate Wingard – Keystone
Gavin Hawk – Union/A-CV

2016 KSAC All-Conference Volleyball 

MVP – Josey Terwilliger – A-C Valley

First Team:                                                                                                                                                                        Olivia Burns – Clarion Area

Tori Obenrader – North Clarion                                                                                                                                                 Heather Traister – Redbank Valley

Gloria Kroh – Clarion Area

Olivia Boocks – A-C Valley                                                                                                                                                              Macy King – Redbank Valley                                                                                                                                                   Second Team:                                                                                                                                                                     Cassie Wagner – North Clarion                                                                                                                                                       Maya Thornton – Clarion Area 

Alexis Constantino – Clarion Area   

Sydney Rankin – A-C Valley                                                                                                                                                         Kylee Eaton – A-C Valley                                                                                                                                                          Hannah Adams – Redbank Valley                                                                                                                                                  Third Team:                                                                                                                                                                      MaKenzie Byerley – Keystone                                                                                                                                                         Erin Merryman – Cranberry Area

Frankee Remmick – Union                                                                                                                                                     Mackenzie Craig – Karns City                                                                                                                                                         Abby Karg – North Clarion                                                                                                                                                             Alyssa Beichner – Keystone

2016 KSAC All-Conference Boys’ Cross
MVP – Harrison Keenan – Cranberry Area
First Team:
Sam Lander – Cranberry Area
Adam Bettwy – Clarion Area
Broc Schoeppner – Keystone
Isaiah Griebel – North Clarion
Jacob Bauer – North Clarion
Nolan Brannon – Cranberry Area
Nathaniel Lerch – Clarion Area   

 Second Team:
Andrew Forrest – Clarion-Limestone
Logan Johnson – Cranberry
Dawson Steele – Keystone
Daniel Fisher – Cranberry
Tanner Berry – Cranberry
Brandon Forrest – Cranberry
Josh Homan – North Clarion

2016 KSAC All-Conference Girls’ Cross Country
MVP – Rebecca Pennington – Karns City
First Team:
Kristin Reynolds – Cranberry
Lauren Varsek – Cranberry
Chelsea Mason – Clarion Area
Katie Craig – Clarion Area
Michaela Higgins – North Clarion
Samantha Woolcock – Cranberry
Kendall Grossman – Moniteau                                                                                                                                                Second Team:
Chelsea McKissick – Cranberry
Taylor Geer – Keystone
Tifany Berry – Cranberry
Samantha Hall – Moniteau
Kaleigh Kirby – Clarion-Limestone
Gabriella Stewart – Moniteau
Hannah Rittenhouse – Clarion-Limestone

2016 KSAC All-Conference Golf
MVP – Kolby Montgomery – A-C Valley/Union
First Team: Weston Kimmey Moniteau
Hunter Lancaster Venango Catholic
Zander Hargenrader Forest Area
Andrew Gunn Cranberry
Hunter Gifford Karns CitySecond Team:
Kennedy DeMatteis – Moniteau
Cortney Claypoole – Moniteau
Kristina DeMatteis – Moniteau
Ian Henry – Keystone
Ethan Nevel – A-C Valley/Union
Third Team:
Josh Craig – Clarion
Nathan Marterella – Cranberry
Zyler Hargenrader – Forest Area
Logan Pistorius – Karns City
Cam Craig – Clarion