Cora Zerfoss 2017 Allen Peterson Academic Achievement Award Winner (06/14/17)

(By Clarion Softball Manager Dan Shofestall)

(Photo submitted by Clarion Softball) 2017 Allen Peterson Award Winner, Cora Zerfoss

Cora Zerfoss was the recipient of the 2017 Allen Peterson Academic Achievement Award.  Cora a senior catcher and captain for the Clarion Softball Team was presented a $500 check from Allen Peterson who is the sponsor of the award. Allen is a former coach of the softball team and has been a long time supporter of the Softball Program.

I think one of the things our Softball Program takes great pride in is the Peterson Award. It’s an honor that awards achievement in the classroom and a reward for the hard work and dedication the honoree puts into it.

Cora is a great representative of this award. She exemplifies what the Peterson Award is all about. She is a great example of what we want all of our scholar athletes to strive to be. Her hard work and performance in the class room should be a great guide and inspiration for us all.

I love what the Peterson award represents because it melds sports and academic achievement together. Both sports and education serve us well in life and the lessons we are taught by both. In my mind there are are few greater lessons in life than  the things we learn in the classroom and on the fields of competition.

I congratulate Cora on winning this award. She is certainly a gifted person in the classroom and on the field. But more importantly she is a warmhearted and caring person who will be a great contributor to our society in the years to come.  We all wish her luck as she continues her education at Westminster. Cora’s name will now go an a plaque with the five previous winners and put in the trophy case.

Also thanks again to Allen and his family for sponsoring this yearly Award. His generosity should not be overlooked. He is a true friend to me and the softball program here at Clarion and we can not thank him enough for his sponsorship of this Award.

Peterson Award Winners

2012 –  Courtney Donaldson

2013-  Matti Thornton

2014 – Olivia Bartley

2015 – Stephanie Kahle

2016 – Johnna Rapp

2017 – Cora Zerfoss

(Thanks to Coach Shofestall for this article. CONGRATULATIONS CORA!!!!)