2018 Bobcat Kick-off Bonfire Celebration Held (08/24/18)

The Clarion Area Boosters held their eighth annual Bobcat Kick-off Bonfire Celebration, on Thursday (August 23rd) at the High School Football Field.

Clarion Singers singing the National Anthem

The festivities began with emcee Doug Kline, who has presided over each of the eight events, welcoming the large gathering and then introducing the Clarion Singers, under the direction of Mrs. Sarah Matson, who sang the National Anthem.

The Clarion Area Marching Band, under Director Chris Curry, played one of their songs for the fall season.

Next, a number of folks were thanked for their helping with the event: Clarion Borough (for permit); Clarion Fire Hose Company #1 (for conducting the Bonfire); Clarion Area Administration – Superintendant Michael Stahlman, High School Principle John Kimmell, Elementary Principle Roger Walters, Athletic Director Nancy Mills etc. (for their support); C-93, Explore Clarion, Computer Support and Clarion Sports Zone (for promoting the event); AMC Classic Theater (for providing snacks); and Laura Burford, who coordinated the event.

Player introductions

It was then announced that the Music Department is holding a fund drive to purchase a new grand piano, to replace the current one that has served the department for over forty years. They are looking to raise nine thousand dollars by September 15th. Donations can be made on-line or via check.

It was mentioned that the Bonfire event was an opportunity to recognize the students, who put in the time to represent the school and community and a time to meet the Bobcats.

Then the various teams and athletes and the band were introduced. The students ran through a “tunnel” of athletes and band members, as they were introduced by name.

Longtime emcee Doug Kline, son Tanner Kline in background

The teams and head coaches for this season include (in order of introduction): Volleyball – Shari Campbell; Girls’ Soccer (co-op with Clarion-Limestone) – Chris Schonbachler; Clarion-Limestone Boys’ Soccer (co-op with Clarion) – Don Montgomery; Cross Country (co-ed) – Keith Murtha, Tammy Lerch and Bill Groves; Girls’ Golf – Jackie Kerle; Boys’ Golf – Jay Kerle; Football – Larry Wiser; and Marching Band – Chris Curry.

Next was time for the Decorated Pallet Contest. The teams each decorated pallets to be displayed for the fans, with the winning team receiving the “traveling trophy,” which they get to keep until next year’s Bonfire. This year’s winners are the Volleyball Team.

Volleyball Team with their trophy

Thanks were given to all the parents for taking the time to see that their sons and daughters make it to practices and games and for attending to support the kids. He made special mention of those who co-op with Clarion Area, North Clarion and Clarion-Limestone.

The Celebration ended with the lighting of the Bonfire.

(Great Job to those involved with making this year’s Celebration a success! Expecting great seasons from all the Sports Teams, LETS GO CATS!!!!)

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