2018 Clarion Volleyball Preview, Head Coach Shari Campbell: In Her Own Words (08/30/2018)

Head Coach Shari Campbell: In Her Own Words

The 2018 Bobcat Varsity Volleyball Team

(Edited by CSZ Sports Writer Kenn Staub)  The 2018 Clarion volleyball team has a very deep roster. This is a capable group of players and our depth will serve as a great strength throughout the season. Every member is capable of contributing in a positive way in a competitive match.

Returning from last year’s state semi-finalists is All-State, All-District, and All-KSAC setter Brenna Campbell (sophomore). Brenna’s ability to run the offense continues to grow. I am looking for her to bring leadership to this position. She will bring a strong serve to the team and is very defensive.

Also returning is Maddie Schill (junior), an All-District and All-KSAC player last season. Maddie is a quick and powerful athlete. I’m looking for her to provide even more of an attack and to lead the team as a blocker. Maddie will be seeing time as a frontrow and backrow player.

Hailey Sintobin (senior) finished the 2017 season strong and has continued to become more and more of a physical presence at the net. She has a powerful swing and is a great blocker moving laterally. During the off-season she developed a serve that will definitely score points for the team.

Lexi Lauer (senior) played a big role last year as a versatile, all-around, player. Lexi has great speed and athleticism. This will make her a defensive playmaker. She has a tough serve and blocks very well from both pins.

Ali Troese (senior) will be a player opponents will need to pay attention to. She has refined her game and is ready to take the court. She has the highest swing contact on the team and gets better every day. Her work ethic will drive her to be a completely different player by the end of the season. I am looking forward to witnessing this progress.

Returning from injury and illness are Kaylie Lutz (senior) and Dorothy Kalinowski (senior). Both have been with the program since seventh grade and possess leadership qualities that have helped the team already. I look for them both to contribute in big ways on the court. Dorothy has taken some really great swings and it is exciting to see her back in action. Kaylie is very versatile and has strong net play. I expect her to record quite a few blocks.

Kaitlyn Constantino (junior) has become a powerful all-around player who is vital to the team. She has great determination to pursue the ball. She will be making a big impact as the leader of our serve receive. I expect her to deliver powerfully from the serving line and as a hitter.

Kyara Girvan (junior) is also contributing to our defensive efforts. She has great range on the court and can scramble well. She is developing a defensive mindset that I like.

Ava Kiser (sophomore) will bring a great serve off the bench and a steady platform when we need a strong pass.

Korrin Burns (freshman) is putting herself into the mix and has become a valuable all-around player. She has a great court sense and ability to work with her teammates to score. Fans will definitely see Korrin contributing.

Also making the varsity roster are freshmen Jordan Best and Payton Simko. Both have great volleyball skills. More importantly they have a winning attitude and a will to work hard.  They both have what it takes to see court time.

The team continues to work hard every day and is highly committed to our goals. I haven’t seen this level of commitment from top to bottom in some time and it will reap benefits if it continues. We work daily to improve our serve receive and to become more aggressive attackers. The defensive mindset is already there. It’s up to the team to respond to their abilities.

Campbell will be assisted in her coaching duties by Mattison Thornton and volunteers Sammi Beichner, Kiersten Kister, Emily Fillman, and Kate Fillman.

The varsity will begin its season on Saturday, September 1 when it travels to the a tournament at Northern Cambria High School. Both the JV and varsity will play at home on Tuesday, September 4 against Redbank Valley.

The 2018 Varsity and JV Volleyball Teams (the JV team includes: MacKenzie Aaron, Noel Anthony, Jordan Best, Parker Boyden, Brennah Copenhaver, Kaylee Hiles, Ava Kiser, Bella Klein, Gabby Klein, Grace Matson, Payton Simko, and Abbie Slagle)