Rising Stars Basketball Organization Completes Successful Season (07/29/19)

(By Rising Stars Coach Rogers Laugand)

The Rising Stars AAU Basketball organization started in 2006. It has become one of the top programs in Pennsylvania. Rising Stars provides an opportunity for youth to hone their basketball skills and become proficient athletes while receiving proper instruction from qualified coaches and mentors. It gives youth a safe place where they can learn the value of hard work, dedication, teamwork and determination which can be used in their daily lives. The program uses basketball to teach life lessons. Rising Stars believes that the same skills it takes to be successful on the court can be used to be successful in life. 

(Photos courtesy Rising Stars) Rising Stars 2019 Boys 17U Elite

During the Rising Stars 2019 AAU season, there were a total of nine teams (6 boys and 3 girls) and a total of 75 players in the program. They have several D-League teams that compete in Pittsburgh and a few elite teams that compete on a regional and national level. Rising Stars elite teams have produced several collegiate players over the years.

The D-League program focuses on the development of skills and basketball IQ. While the teams compete to win every game, the primary focus is on learning the game, developing skill and gaining playing experience.

Rising Stars 2019 Girls 17 Elite – Youngstown Spring Classic Champs

The D-League program has many outstanding players who are some of the top junior high and high school players on their respective teams. It runs from March to May with each team playing in three, three game shootout style tournaments in the Pittsburgh area. The D-League consisted of four Boys teams, a 13U, 14U, 15U and 17U.

Below are the rosters for each team. The coaches for the D-League program were Fred Port, Ewing Moussa and Rogers Laugand.

13U Boys D-League

Kellan Haines (Brookville HS), Jack Craig (Clarion-Limestone HS), Ethan Umbenhaur, Brady Umbenhaur (Franklin HS), Aiden Hartle, Patrick Young (North Clarion HS), Mason Nesbit (Punxsutawney HS), Aidan Stover (Titusville HS), Zander Laughlin, Hayden Smith (Union HS)

14U Boys D-League                                                        

Max Southworth, Ian Runyyan (AC Valley HS), Alex Carlson (Brockway HS), Reece Geiger (Clarion HS), Ryan Hanna (Cranberry HS), Jackson Ewing, Johnathan Leccia, Damon Curry, Owen Smith (Franklin HS)

15U Boys D-League                                                                        

Danny Lauer (Brookville HS), Reece Geiger (Clarion HS), Noah Rodgers, Johnathan Leccia, Damon Curry, Owen Smith (Franklin HS), Quincy Hannold, Brett Wingard (Keystone HS), Collin Schmader (North Clarion HS), Kyle Nesbit (Punxsutawney HS)                       

Rising Stars 2019 Boys 17U Elite Pittsburgh Summer Slam Champs

17U Boys D-League                                                                                        
Nick Frederick, Hunter Craddock (Clarion HS), Chase Runyon (DuBois HS), Devon Walters, Andrew Gatesman (North Clarion HS), Cyrus Williams, Brandon Hartle (Oil City HS), Alex Bon (Ridgway HS), Laird Stover (Titusville HS)

Rising Stars D-League 15U Boys

The Girls elite program focus is on developing players to have an opportunity to play at the collegiate level. Players are recruited and must be at a certain skill level. The players are expected to compete at a high level and played in the top brackets at tournaments. 

The elite girls program consisted of a 14U practice squad that played in one shootout tournament at the end of the season and a 15U and 17U elite team. The 14U team will be a competing team next year. The 15U elite team finished the season with a 6-9 record. The 17U elite team finished the season 11-6. They went undefeated in the BSA Spring Invitational (Pittsburgh) and won the Youngstown Spring Classic tournament (Ohio).

Rising Stars D-League 14U Boys

This team had three college signees and one college prospect. They are Olivia Boocks-Clarion University, Chelsea DeSalve-Slippery Rock University, Cassidy King-Pitt Bradford and Abigail Gatesman who will be a senior this coming season and receiving multiple college interest. Coaches for the Girls elite program were John Irwin, Rob Foust, Barry Foust and Mark Benvenuti.   

Rising Stars 17U Boys D-League

14U Girls Practice Squad

Grace Barlett (AC Valley HS), Grace Kindel (Union HS), Daniel Vogle, Hailey Theuret, Alexandrea Conner, Kolsin Davis, Ava Strauser, Harleigh Strauser (Union HS), Brooke Anthony (Titusville HS)

15U Girls Elite

Rachel Cullen (AC Valley HS), Selena Buttery (Brockway HS), Alexis Kendzior, Lauren Billingsley (Franklin HS), Emily Lauer (Keystone HS), Lily Homan (St. Stephen), Dominika Logue, Maggie Minick, Hailey Kriebel (Union HS)

17U Girls Elite                                                                                                                                  

Olivia Boocks (AC Valley HS), Chelsea DeSalve (DuBois HS), Cassidy King (Johnsonburg HS), McKenzie Hovis, Emily Lauer (Keystone HS), Andie Arblaster (Moniteau HS), Abigail Gatesman (North Clarion HS), Dominika Logue (Union HS)

Rising Stars 2019 Boys 16U Elite Battle of The Burgh Champs

The Boys elite program consisted of a 16U and 17U team. The 16U elite team finished the season 15-4. The 16U team went undefeated in the BSA Spring Invitational (Pittsburgh). They won Battle of The Burgh tournament. They finished 2nd in the Youngstown Spring Classic (Ohio), Adidas Ballers Classic (Pittsburgh) and 3rd in the Global Showcase tournament (Maryland). There are several players on this team garnering college interest.

The 17U elite team finished the season 13-4. The 17U team went undefeated in the BSA Spring Invitational (Pittsburgh) and won the Summer Slam Fest (Pittsburgh). They went 2-1 in the Hoop Group Pitt Jam Fest (Pittsburgh) and were in the semifinals in the Slippery Rock Summer Slamm and Ballin Under 1 Roof (Louisville) tournaments.

On this team, there are three college signees and all others are college prospects receiving multiple interest. The signees were JaiQuil Johnson-Clarion University, Owen Chambers-Mercyhurst University and Marcos Cintron- Chatham University. Deion Deas who will be a senior has also received a few offers. The coaches for the Boys elite program were Rogers Laugand, Joe Deas and Ewing Moussa.

Rising Stars 13U D-League Boys

16U Boys Elite                                  

Levi Orton (AC Valley HS), Alec Freemer, Noah Adams (Brockway HS), Ethan Burford, Calvin German (Clarion HS), Deion Deas (Clarion-Limestone HS), Nick Farrell, Lennon Lindholm (DuBois HS), Zak Smith  (Franklin HS), Judias Johnson (Oil City HS)

17U Boys Elite

Julian Laugand, Deion Deas (Clarion-Limestone HS), Owen Chambers (Coudersport HS), Marcos Cintron (Grove City HS), Chad Greville (Kane HS), Enoch Clark (Ridley HS), Jaiquil Johnson, Guy Anthony (Titusville HS), Stephen Kelly (Whitman-Hanson HS)

(Thanks to Coach Laugand for this summary. GREAT YEAR RISING STARS!!!!)