Bobcats have Great showing at Joey Garrison Tournaments, Team Captures First Place In Open Tourney (02/14/14)

The Clarion Area Elementary and Junior High Wrestlers had a great showing at the Joey Garrison Novice and Open Tournaments, at Redbank Valley, last weekend. Coach Lee Weber shares this article.

Joey Garrison Novice (Redbank Valley) –0 2/08/14

Another awesome weekend for our young Bobcats! On Saturday at the Joey Garrison (Redbank Valley) Novice Tournament, we had a clutter (group of Bobcats) of wrestlers that dominated the tournament. Many of our wrestlers overpowered their opponents, in particular, our 1st place finishers. Half of our wrestlers placed 1st which included Mason Gourley, Derek Smail, Brady Pierce, Hayden Weber, Noah Harrison and Dawson Smail.

Logan Powell and Hayden Hindman wrestled strong in placing 2nd. Both are wrestling with much more intensity. Others who also wrestled and showing improvements are Kam Kerle, Isaac Lerch, Braylon Beckwith and Briggs Beckwith.

Brady Pierce, Logan Powell, Hayden Hindman, Kam Kerle, Isaac Lerch, Braylon Beckwith and Briggs Beckwith are truly first year wrestlers that are competing with the 2nd year wrestlers. That alone is a great accomplishment!  Super job little Bobcats!

Mason Gourley – 1st Place (2-0)

Derek Smail – 1st Place (2-0)

Brady Pierce – 1st Place (3-0)

Hayden Weber – 1st Place (3-0)

Noah Harrison – 1st Place (3-0)

Dawson Smail – 1st Place (3-0)

Logan Powell – 2nd Place (2-1)

Hayden Hindman – 2nd Place

Kam Kerle – Participation

Isaac Lerch – Participation

Braylon Beckwith – Participation

Briggs Beckwith – Participation

Joey Garrison Open (RedbankValley) 02-09-14

It was a great team effort between our elementary and Junior High wrestlers! Half the group came from elementary and half came from Junior High and each group did their part to help us earn the 1st place trophy. Teams we finished ahead of were Redbank Valley, Dubois, Marion Center, Franklin, Brockway, Keystone, etc. Scoring big point for our team were our 1st place finishers which included Dawson Smail, Owen Reinsel, Login Dehner, Greg Duncan and Mike LeFay.

Wrestling hard and losing a close match in the finals were Jake Smith, Bryce Klawuhn and Frankie Weber. Ben Smith and Karlin Hiles continue to improve by coming back and taking 3rd place. Also contributing to the team by placing 4th were Chase Makray, Sterling Conner and Braden Makray.

We were not expecting to take 1st place coming in but our kids continue to improve and gaining confidence with each match. When everyone gives their best, rewards will come. Great job both teams!

Team Place: Bobcats 1st Place

Dawson Smail – 1st Place

Jake Smith – 2nd Place

Ben Smith – 3rd Place

Chase Makray – 4th place

Owen Reinsel – 1st Place

Junior High

Login Dehner – 1st place

Frankie Weber – 2nd place

Greg Duncan – 1st place

Sterling Conner – 4th place

Mike LeFay – 1st place

Karlin Hiles – 3rd place

Braden Makray – 4th place

Bryce Klawuhn – 2nd place

(Thanks to Coach Weber for this article. Great showing, guys!!!!)