Clarion County YMCA Riversharks Swim Team Hosts First Meet (01/09/14)

(By Matt Lerch)

Clarion County can be very proud to say that it has held its first ever swim meet for the YMCA. Currently utilizing the Clarion University pool, the Riversharks swim team of 65 swimmers competed in a double dual meet against Clearfield and Hollidaysburg on Saturday December 21, 2013. Coaching the Riversharks this season are Rachel Tano and Samantha Van Dyke, both former Clarion University swimmers. The Riversharks that placed in the top 3 in their respective events are listed below.

Under the double dual format Clarion won against a seasoned Clearfield Sharks team that has tremendous depth and talent. The large and well travelled Hollidaysburg YMCA swim team, on the other hand, handily won against the new Riversharks team. Clarion has 6 district qualifiers already, a feat unto itself.  District times are established by the league at the beginning of the season and are the springboard to qualify for states. Clarion’s Isaac Wilson is the lone swimmer on the Riversharks squad that has swum in the state competition.

(Photos by Matt Lerch) Isaac Wilson qualified for Districts in the 200 yard backstroke.

(Photos by Matt Lerch)
Isaac Wilson qualified for Districts in the 200 yard backstroke.

District qualifiers so far are Kristy Juart in the 100 freestyle, 100 backstroke, 50 backstroke and 50 freestyle, Tanner Kerle in the 50 breaststroke and 50 backstroke, Alayna Murray in the 50 Breaststroke, 100 Breaststroke and 50 Fly, Evelyn Lerch in the 50 Breaststroke, Isaac Wilson in the 200 backstroke and 100 backstroke and Beau Verdill in the 50 freestyle.

The Riversharks resume dual meet competition this Saturday, January 11 at noon at the Dubois YMCA six lane competitive pool.

Beau Verdill Qualified for Districts in the 50 yard freestyle.

Beau Verdill Qualified for Districts in the 50 yard freestyle.

Mason Burns (13-14) 2nd 200 freestyle, 3rd 100 freestyle, 1st 200 breaststroke, 2nd 500 freestyle; Marshall Powers (13-14) 3rd 200 freestyle, 3rd 50 freestyle, 3rd 100 backstroke, 2nd 100 freestyle; Isaac Wilson (15-18) 1st 200 freestyle, 1st 100 breaststroke, 1st 200 backstroke (District Qualifier), 1st 100 Individual Medley (IM); Bailee Verdill 8 and Under 2nd 25 freestyle, 1st 25 breaststroke, 1st 100 IM; Patrick Young (8 and Under), 3rd 25 freestyle, 2nd 25 backstroke, 2nd 25 breaststroke; Beau Verdill (9-10) 1st 50 freestyle (District Qualifier), 1st 100 breaststroke, 2nd 100 IM; Tanner Kerle (11-12) 3rd 50 freestyle, 3rd 50 breaststroke, 2nd 100 freestyle, 2nd 100 breaststroke; Kyle Bettwy (15-18) 1st 50 freestyle, 1st 100 backstroke, 1st 100 freestyle, 1st 500 freestyle; Brayden Murray (8 and under) 1st 25 breaststroke, 1st 25 freestyle, 2nd 100 IM; Nathaniel Lerch  (11-12) 3rd 100 breaststroke; Isaac Kim (11-12) 3rd 50 butterfly.

Kristy Juart (11-12) 1st 200 freestyle, 3rd 50 breaststroke, 3rd 100 breaststroke; Alayna Murray (11-12) 2nd 200 freestyle, 2nd 50 breaststroke (District Qualifier), 1st 200 IM; Paige Sherbine (13-14) 1st 200 freestyle, 2nd 100 freestyle, 3rd 200 breaststroke, 2nd 500 freestyle; Gia Babington (8 and under) 2nd 25 freestyle; Allie Vega (15-18) 1st 50 freestyle, 2nd 100 backstroke, 1st 100 breaststroke, 2nd 100 freestyle; Alexis Fiscus (15-18) 2nd 50 freestyle, 2nd 100 breaststroke, 3rd 100 freestyle; Maya Wilshire (8 and under) 2nd 25 backstroke; Parker Boyden (9-10) 1st 50 backstroke; Brianna Warner (11-12 )3rd 50 backstroke; Emma Sierko (13-14) 1st 100 backstroke; Keeper Juart (8 and under) 2nd 25 breaststroke, 2nd 25 freestyle, 1st 100 IM; Evelyn Lerch (9-10) 1st 50 breaststroke, 2nd 100 breaststroke; Lydia Seaton (11-12 )3rd 100 butterfly, 3rd 200 IM; Joyce Kim (9-10) 3rd 100 freestyle; Grace Schmader (9-10) 3rd 100 backstroke; Mykenzie Cox (9-10) 1st 50 butterfly; Carlley Hunter (11-12) 2nd 50 butterfly.

Girls 8 and under 100 yard Medley Relay 1st – Maya Wilshire, Keeper Juart, Jocalyn Henry, Isabella Texter.
Girls 9-10 200 Medley Relay 2nd – Grace Schmader, Evelyn Lerch, Parker Boyden, Joyce Kim.
Girls 11-12 200 Medley Relay 2nd – Kristy Juart, Lydia Seaton, Alayna Murray, Bethany Cater.
Girls 8 and Under 100 yard Freestyle Relay 2nd – Kismet Juart, Jocayln Henry, McKayla Kerle, Grace Troese; 3rd – Gia Babington, Alice Moll, Anna Gribik, Kira Bonanno.
Boys 8 and Under 100 yard Freestyle Relay 1st – Brayden Murray, Kylan Clark, Bailee Verdill, Patrick Young.
Boys 9-10 200 Freestyle Relay 1st – Tyler Bingham, Gavin Hoover, Rich Leadbetter, Dylan Switzer.

(Thanks to Matt Lerch for this article and photos and congratulations to the Riversharks on a fine meet!!!!)