Clarion Running Projects Finishes The Indoor Season In Fine Fashion (03/01/17)

(By Coach Keith Murtha)
The last stop on the winter tour for the Clarion Running Project was Youngstown State University, the WATTS center, another fantastic facility!

(Photos provided by Clarion Running Project)

The Clarion runners were up to the task meeting some common opponents from District 9 as well as representatives of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Upstate New York and even a team from Chicago!

As the meet opened in the girls mile, Brazilian exchange student, Leticia Negril set a personal record of 6:58 just coming off of her first ever basketball season. She competed against fellow District 9 opponents The Ford sisters from Northern Potter, Lauryn Varsek from Cranberry and Jennifer Kidder from Brookville. Amanda Ford led all D9 competitors, finishing in 5:45. For 6th place in the field of 52.

Staying with the ladies, Gabby Weaver set a P.R in 200M dash in 31.17.  Forest Madison Mills set indoor season P.R.’s in the difficult double of the 400/800. Forest ran 1:08 in the 400. The 800 saw tremendous competition between D9 girls as Forest Mills, Lauren Varsek and Emma Ford all finished within 60 seconds of another.

Maddy Keenan of Cranberry and Leticia Negril rounded out the field for D9. Leticia finished in 3:13 with a strong initial 400. Varsek led D9 in 2:40. Mills was in hot pursuit in 2:41.

In the boys mile, Adam Bettwy (5:09) Nick Schill (5:52) competed in the very difficult triple of 1600, 800, and 400! Jacob Smith doubled in the 1600/ 800 and finished 6:06. Harrison Keenan (Cranberry) and Levi Roseman (Brookville) completed the D9 field! Harrison led all D9 competitors in 4:59.

In the 200 finals, Brendan Zerfoss, led all D9 competitor and finished 5th overall in a field of fifty-four. He defeated a group of four from Brookville, led by John Frank. The 400 was a packed race for D9, with Ryan Thrush (Brookville) finishing 1st overall, setting a facility record as well as having the fastest 400 run to date in Ohio! Ryan’s winning time was 49.28. The remainder of D9 field was Bettwy and Schill, Matheney (Brookville), Lander (Cranberry) Kane (Coudersport) and Ian Thrush (Brookville) rounding out the field of 36. Bettwy set a season PR. of 1:00 and Schill 1:02.

In the 60 M dash, Zerfoss met a host of Brookville competitors to finish in 7.71 behind speed demon Ryan Thrush (7.40) The boys competed in a field of 70 runners.

Wrapping up with 800, Bettwy, Schill and Smith competed against D9 fellow Sam Lander (Cranberry) and field of forty-four. Lander led D9 in 2:10 followed by Bettwy 2:20, Schill 2:35 and Smith (2:51).

It was a great day, everyone had a season P.R, we achieved our goals of winter speed development and preparation going into the spring season!

A big shout out to Coaches McClaine and Roth for their help as well as Mark Bettwy for his organizational assistance as well as the parents who drove and supported!

(Thanks to Coach Murtha fro this article. Super work, Clarion Running Project!!!!)