CRVS U15 Beats Kinzua (10/04/17)

(By Mindi Verdill)

After two losses on the road, the U15 Striker team came away with a win against the second Kinzua team they have faced this season.

(Photo by Mindi Verdill)
Action at Memorial Stadium

Bailee Verdill was first to get on past the Kinzua defense and into the net for a score of Strikers 1 Kinzua 0. Ashton MacKinlay was able to get the next goal in from a well-placed corner kick by Nate Megnin.

Bailee Verdill found the net,  for a second time, giving the Strikers a 3-0 lead. Joyce Kim shot past the Kinzua goalie to give the Strikers a 4-0 lead at halftime.

Kinzua came out strong after halftime.  They were able to get past the Striker defenders and goalie Tyler Bingham for their first goal of the game.

The Strikers final goal of the game came off a beautiful run from Joyce Kim to Anna Gribik to Bailee Verdill, who had a hat trick, to make the final score Strikers 5 Kinzua 1.

The Strikers are home again Sunday, October 8th, against MASCU at 4:00 at the CUP Stadium!

U15 Striker Team:

Coach Kevin Griffin, Tyler Bingham, Riley Burford, Lexi Coull, Blaise Cunningham, Charlie Franchino, Anna Gribik, Joyce Kim, Logan Leadbetter, Alex Leadbetter, Eva Lerch, Ashton MacKinlay, Nate Megnin, Max Southworth, Liv Weckerly, Bailee Verdil(Thanks to Mindi Verdill for this article. Keep up the good work, Strikers!!!!)