Coach Shofestall Shares His Thoughts On 2020 Clarion Area Lady Cats Softball Team (05/06/20)

(Photos by Kim Constantino) 2019: Lady Cats Second Place District Nine Class-A, and PIAA State Quarterfinalists

(Note Coming off an 18-6 2019 campaign, that saw the Clarion Area Lady Cats Softball Team finish second in District Nine Class A and move to the PIAA State Quarterfinals, where they lost by just one run 5-4 to the defending State Champion West Greene, the Clarion Area Lady Cats Softball Team was looking forward to a big things in the 2020 season. Then came the shutdown due to the coronavirus, wiping out the season. Coach Dan Shofestall shares his thoughts on the lost season and some great comments on the TEAM.)

(Coach Dan Shofestall)

Losing our season to the coronavirus was tough to all involved for sure. As a TEAM, we were excited about the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead of us. As players and coaches, we were looking forward to pursuing the goals that had been set forth by the TEAM.

The girls had put in two fantastic weeks of practice before the virus shut us down. I can only imagine how good of a TEAM they would be, right now at this point of the season, if we were still playing. Hopefully this will all pass soon and everyone will begin to play fall and winter sports again and get things back to normal. 

I want to send a special salute to our two seniors Tori Vega and  Kaitlyn Constantino. I know it is a great disappointment to them, their families and the TEAM, that they could not compete and put on their Bobcat Jerseys for one more season. A jersey they had proudly worn, that had meant so many things to them over the past three years.

Tori at the plate in an early season game, in 2019

Tori and Kaitlyn loved the game, worked hard at the game and most importantly respected the game of softball. I can’t thank them enough for all of the good times and memories we’ve all shared together as a TEAM over these years. 

Kaitlyn Constantino delivering a pitch in the 2019 PIAA quarterfinal game

It will be close to two years between our last game in 2019 and our first game in the 2021 season…but I know our TEAM will be back stronger than ever next season. I know this because I’ve been around these girls, I’ve coached them and seen firsthand the exceptional people that they are. They all have good parents and teacher,s and have good coaching from fall and winter sports. Most importantly they are good coaches to themselves. I know I speak for all of our coaches when I say we’re excited and looking forward to the 2021 season and I know our players will be also.

Since we are not playing this year and there will be no articles or stories from any of the media outlets, I wanted to make sure that everyone from the TEAM  gets recognized who were a part of the 2020 Clarion Bobcat Softball TEAM. I think that’s important. Even though we only practiced for two weeks, they deserve to be honored for all they have been through and all they have missed this season. Every one of them have lost a season of their softball careers and that’s something that can’t ever be replaced. I’m proud of every one of them.

Seniors: Kaitlyn Constantino, Tori Vega

Juniors: Brenna Campbell, Sarah Clark, Ava Kiser

Sophomores: MaKenzie Aaron, Noel Anthony, Kylee Beers, Jordan Best, Payton Simko

Freshman: Brianna Forrest, McKayla Kerle

Head Coach: Dan Shofestall

Assistant Coaches: Dave Constantino, John Stroup, Kaitlyn Wenner, Matt Best, Tony Vega

(Thanks to Coach Shofestall for this article and to Kim Constantino for the photos. Sad for this year’s team to have to miss out on softball and for Tori and Kaitlyn to miss their final season. All the best to the two seniors and hoping for a great 2021 season for the Lady Cats Softball Team!!!!