Senior Gridders Unveil Central Clarion Wildcats’ Uniforms (Posted 08/21/20)

Wildcats Seniors wearing brand new uniforms (L-R) #83 Anthony Slike (C-L), #75 Patrick Gulnak (C-L), #60 Logan Lerch (CA), #8 Calvin German (CA), #28 Keidon Smith (C-L), #7 Jason Ganoe (C-L), #11 Kyle Bottaro (C-L), #17 Ethan Burford (CA), #51 Jordan McCord-Wolbert (NC), #21 Cutter Boggess (CA), #44 Hunter Craddock (CA) (missing #14 Beau Verdill (CA)

Senior players on the Central Clarion Wildcats football team, which will hopefully begin the first season in team history, in several weeks, unveiled the new Varsity uniforms on Friday (August 21st). And to use a term that is appropriate, if maybe a little archaic, the new uniforms look pretty snazzy.

The players, who were part the last ever Clarion Bobcat team in 2019, hail from Clarion Area, Clarion-Limestone and North Clarion.

The uniforms were supplied by DeMans Sporting Goods from Brookville.

The home jerseys are navy blue, with a large orange stripe, between two smaller white stripes on the sleeves and white numbers on the shoulders. A nice size white block “Wildcats” (large enough to see easily, but not overpowering) is above the large block white number on the front. A large block number is on the back. The pants will be navy blue.

Ethan Burford (home – blue) and Kyle Bottaro (away – white)

The away uniforms also features the navy blue pants. The jerseys will be white, with a large blue stripe, between two smaller orange stripes on the sleeves and blue numbers on the shoulders. The front and back of the jerseys are the same as the home jerseys, with the exception that the letters and numbers are blue.

The jerseys and pants each feature a small Under Armor logo.

#14 Beau Verdill (CA)

The helmets have been re-painted and refurbished by Sportsman’s Reconditioning from Johnstown, with the Orange and Black giving way to a matte navy blue, with a navy blue face mask. The helmets will feature orange numbers with a white outline (approximately 3″), which should soon arrive.

Also assistant coach Camron Kirkland and equipment manager Kevin “Fonzie” Slike provided a glimpse of coaches’ gear, nearly as impressive as the uniforms and junior Connor Shall sported a coronavirus mask featuring the “Wildcats” logo, which was designed by Clarion Area graduate Karl Jacobson of DE Sports.

Assistant Coach Camron Kirkland and Equipment Manager Kevin “Fonzie” Slike wearing Wildcats coaching gear

The logo represents the 105th Pennsylvania Regiment, known as the “Wildcats” of the Union Army in the Civil War, the Central Clarion football team’s namesake. The 105th, which fought at Gettysburg and other battles in the conflict, was made up of members mainly from Clarion and Jefferson Counties, as well as other counties.

Junior Connor Schall with coronavirus mask with Wildcats logo (a couple of helmets sitting in the background)

Three Wildcats, one from each school represented on the team, shared their thoughts on the new uniforms and the team:

Cal German, student at Clarion Area said, “It’s very special being a part of the first Wildcat team and coming off the last Bobcat team in Clarion history. It’s pretty special coming together with the community and (them) allowing this to happen this season. Hopefully we get to experience it.

“With the new jerseys coming in, I think we all enjoy them a lot. And they look pretty good.”

Kyle Bottaro, a student at Clarion-Limestone, mentioned, “I think it is pretty special being some of the last people from C-L and coming together with everyone. It came out, I think, a lot better last year (players from the three schools meshing).

“And I think this year will be good. It’s pretty exciting, so far, with everything happening, everything how it’s been. I think we’ll do some big things this year.”

Jordan McCord-Wolbert, a student at North Clarion, shared, “I’m not really big into the Clarion stuff (with a little laugh the others got a kick out of). I’m from North Clarion. But football really means a lot to me.

“And these jerseys, yea, they’re pretty tough. They look really good and that means a lot.

“Having football reunions in the future, being able to realize I was on the last Bobcat , going Wildcat, Yea.”

And what appears to be very good news for the players, the PIAA announced today that they plan to go ahead with the fall sports season.

Central Clarion Wildcats logo designed by Karl Jacobson

In an article several years ago on late Clarion Bobcat Coach Norm Zwald being elected to the Pennsylvania Scholastic Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame, his son Drew who held the Clarion passing yardage record for over forty years shared some of his dad’s innovations.

One of the things Drew mentioned was, “We always had the latest equipment and uniforms because he believed in safety first and ‘Look Sharp, Play Sharp’.”

Wildcats, Lookin’ Sharp! Can’t help but Play Sharp! Have a great season, Wildcats!!!!