Wildcats’ Junior High Football Season Review (Posted 11/19/20)

(Above image by Nate Girvan)

(Season Review submitted by Wildcat Junior High Coaches)

The 9th grade football team ended their season with a 3-3 record.  The wins came over Northern Cambria 50-0, Union/ACValley 22-6 and Keystone 28-6.  They suffered losses to Clearfield 40-16, State College 46-24, and Union/ACValley 26-16.  Many Freshmen had breakout years for the Wildcats.  Gabe Simko, Coleman Slater and Brady Quinn stepped up for Central Clarion.  Holden Sparks, Owen Bauer, Jake Smith, Colby Wright, T’Khi Alexander, Dauntea Girvan, Kothin Smith, Tanner Miller and Drake Irwin also played well for the freshmen team.  With the addition of the three freshmen that were moved to the JV/Varsity Team this season, the future of the Wildcats Football team is very bright indeed!     

Several 8th graders moved up to play on the Freshmen team as well.  James Keenan, Jase Ferguson, Kohen Kemmer, and Braylon Beckwith all had huge contributions to the success of the 9th Grade Team.

The 7th-8th Grade Wildcats ended their season only chalking up 1 victory, but that is not to say there was not significant improvement from everyone on that team!  This team had many leaders.  Mason Gourley, Noah Harrison, Jimmy Kerr, Matt Alston, Sebastian Burkhart, Kwynton Leadbetter and Josh Duncan all played well despite the 1 win record!  The teams we faced this season were all solidly 8th graders, as many of their freshmen moved to the JV level.  Although our linemen were 8th graders, many of our skill positions were young.  Many backs and receivers, Brady McKinlay, Hayden Weber, Hunter Lechner, Austin Kerle, Wyatt Waterson, Hayden Hindman, Mason Burford will all grow and mature and will be fantastic football players to watch in the future.

It was our pleasure to coach this group of young men this season.

Head Coach Todd Matthews, Assistant Coach Randy Cathcart, Assistant Coach Mike Ferguson, Assistant Coach Jess Quinn.

(Thanks to the Coaches for this Season Review. FINE SEASON, JUNIOR HIGH WILDCATS!!!!)

2020 Junior High Wildcat Football Individual Award Recipients

Most Improved Player 9th:  Brady Quinn

Impact Player 9th Offense: Gabe Simko

Impact Player 9th Defense:  Coleman Slater

Most Improved 8th-9th: Braylon Beckwith

Impact Player 8th-9th Offense:  Jase Ferguson

Impact Player 8th-9th Defense:  Kohen Kemmer

Most Improved Player 8th: Peyton Ward

Impact Player 8th Grade Offense:  Matt Alston

Impact Player 8th Grade Defense:  Mason Gourley

Most Improved 7th: Mason Burford

Impact Player 7th Grade Offense:  Hayden Hindman

Impact Player 7th Grade Defense:  Austin Kerle