Cutter Boggess Finishes Fine Bobcat Wrestling Career

(Photo courtesy Smith Photography)

By Bobcat Wrestling Coach Lee Weber

Cutter finished off the season with a solid 10-4 record after his two tough losses at Regionals in Sharon.  Cutter had a strong wrestling career here at Clarion Area by going 70-35 in his 4 years. 

Every team needs a nucleus to maintain stability and direction.  Cutter was that nucleus and without him, we would not have a stable team.  He will be remembered for his steady commitment and dedication to the program. 

On the mat, Cutter was tough on his feet but even tougher when he is on top.  He had a punishing bar series which earned him many pins in his career!  

Thank you, Cutter, for being the leader we needed this year and getting our program heading in the right direction! 

(Thanks to Coach Weber for this article and Smith Photography for the photo. GREAT CAREER, CUTTER!!!!)