Coach Shari Campbell Inducted Into PVCA Hall Of Fame

Above photo submitted: Coach Shari at the podium, giving her acceptance speech

Clarion Area Bobcats Volleyball Coach Shari Campbell was inducted into the Pennsylvania Volleyball Coaches Association (PVCA) Hall of Fame during the Induction Banquet, held at Toftrees Golf Resort at State College, on Friday, December 2nd.

Coach Shari was honored along with three other members of the Class of 2022, including Cochranton High School Head Coach Marci Malliard; Denny Cruse, Player, Coach, Official and League Organizer; and Jim Hopton, Senior Tour Player and Multi Year National Champion.

Tony Crisafulli, North Star Coach and PVCA Hall of Fame Committee Member was Coach Shari’s presenter.

Those attending with Coach Campbell included her husband Jim Campbell, daughters Brenna, Hadlee and Addiwyn, her parents Barb and Bruce Thomas, mother-in-law Martha Campbell and one of her former coaches Pricilla Gibboney.

Coach Campbell has been the Bobcats Head Volleyball Coach from 1999-Present. The Bobcats have had some great accomplishments during Coach Shari’s tenure, thus far. Her overall record (not including tournaments) is 437-70. Clarion has won three Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) State Championships (2012, 2020, 2021). They were State Runners-up twice (2010, 2011) and reached the State Semi-Finals four times. They have made nineteen State Tournament appearances.

The Bobcats captured twenty Keystone Shortway Athletic Conference (KSAC) Championships, all but two outright; fifteen District Nine Championships and three District Nine Runners-up.

Coach Shari’s Bobcats have garnered a multitude of Individual Player Awards: fifty-five All-State Players, eighty-four All-District Players, one hundred and three All-Conference Players; and twenty six Collegiate Players.

Photo by Stacy Ochs – 2020 State Champions

From 1996-Present, Coach Shari has been Club Director and Coach of Clover Volleyball. She created the local USAV Junior Olympic Volleyball Club.

Prior to Clarion Area, Coach Shari was the Head Coach at Clarion-Limestone from 1994-1996, where her record was 22-36, including a 13-5 mark in 1996.

Coach Shari began her acceptance speech congratulation the others in the Class of 2022, saying, “I am honored to be here tonight among my coaching colleagues.  I have always valued the friendships I have been fortunate to form due to my involvement in the Pennsylvania Volleyball Coaches Association.  Congratulations to Denny, Jim, and Marci, also on your induction to the Hall of Fame.  Marci, it’s been so fun to play against your teams over the years, to catch up at tournaments, and I thank you for being such a great ambassador of the game for so many young women in Western PA.

She then shared about about the the positives her passion for the sport has brought and hopes of others finding the same in their passion in life. “The game of volleyball has brought so many positive experiences into my life and to those around me.  My wish is that everyone finds their passion in life to have the kind of experiences I have had because of volleyball.  I cherish being able to teach and empower the many great players who have played for me.  Seeing these young women achieve their goals, gain confidence in themselves, and become such a tight knit group has been the most gratifying parts of coaching that my young self didn’t realize would be. I wish I could name every single one of them tonight because they each are so much a part of who I am as a coach.  Thank you my CHSVB family.”

And special thoughts about her family, “The game has also brought so much to my family as well.  I want to thank my parents, Barb & Bruce Thomas.  They were at every game I played, and continue to cheer me and my daughters on as well as every one of my players.  My mother-in-law, who is a true sports lover, has been there every step of the way. My biggest thank you goes out to my husband, Jim.  He has been there to support my coaching, to run the camera, to go scout far & wide, to make sure dinner is ready, and to push me to be better.  I also want to thank my daughters, Brenna, Hadlee & Addiwyn for sharing my love of the game.  Being your Coach Mom is truly special and I cherish the time we get to spend in the gym together.”

Coach Shari shared special wishes for those in attendance, “All of you here tonight are here because you coach or are a fan of this great game.  I hope that you can also see the positives the game has brought to you.  I hope when you go back to your school or club you have the great support that I have gotten over the years from so many administrators, parents, and community members.”

She concluded with a heartfelt thanks to the PVCA. “Thank you to the PA VB Coaches Association and to you all for taking time to celebrate with me tonight.”

Coach Shari (Holding Hall of Fame plaque) with her parents Barb and Bruce Thomas.

U.S. Congressman Glenn “GT” Thompson (PA 15th District) recognized Coach Campbell in a speech on The House Floor recently in honor of Coach Campbell’s Hall of Fame Induction. In part Congressman Thompson said, “Mr. Speaker, I want to congratulate Coach Shari Campbell on her outstanding achievement and most importantly, I want to thank her for being a coach and a mentor for young women of Clarion. Her commitment to her students is not just demonstrated by a record of wins, but also her dedication and commitment to seeing her players succeed on and off the courts.” (The speech can be viewed by going to Congressman Thompson’s YouTube page.)

A number of Shari’s friends also shared a number of good comments and congratulations on her Hall of Fame induction and continuing Great Career.

Enjoy reading, Coach Shari!!!!

Larry Wiser Former Longtime Clarion Area Bobcats’ and Central Clarion Wildcats Head Coach and Clarion Area Athletic Director

Congratulations Coach Shari Campbell on your HOF selection.

I am not sure that you can find a more qualified Coach for this recognition. Shari’s commitment to her athletes, and TEAM is well beyond the norm. She works tirelessly for her athletes. I also want to congratulate her family for their commitment to Clarion Area Volleyball program. 

Donna Oberlander – Pennsylvania State Representative (63rd District)

I would like to extend my congratulations to Shari Campbell on her induction to the Hall of Fame.  This accolade is well deserved.  Her tradition and her legacy of creating and fostering winning teams is second only to the values and character she builds in to the young women she has coached over the years.  The impact she has had on our area through these young women extends well beyond winning on the court and will continue to make a difference for years.  It is for these reasons and many more that I congratulate Coach on this great honor.

Ryan Pugh – Current Editor Clarion News And Longtime Sports Editor

Shari has been the most impressive coach I have covered in the 15 years I have been sports editor of the Clarion News. Her record speaks for itself and she deserves every accolade she receives.

I congratulate Shari on her induction into the Hall of Fame and I hope she continues to add on to her coaching resume over the coming years.

Dr. William Kaufman – Longtime Clarion Area School District Superintendent

I’m happy for Shari and congratulate her for receiving this prestigious and well-deserved honor. Shari’s success as a coach and educator comes from her commitment to excellence. She has always set high standards for herself and for her players. Her athletes have learned the value of hard work, determination, and perseverance because of the example she has set. 

Over her long career, Shari has been a great asset to the community and school district. She and her teams have have always made Bobcat fans proud because of their accomplishments on the court and the first class way that they have represented Clarion Area.

Chris Rossetti – Editor

Not only is Shari an excellent coach. She is also an excellent advocate for her sport. She is the main reason I, and others, now broadcast volleyball. Without her push that would have maybe never happened.

I also credit her along with Coach Jen at the university for me being such a big fan of volleyball. That wasn’t always the case, but Shari and Jen both helped me see what the sport is all about, and it now is one of my favorite sports to cover.

This honor is very well deserved 

Tony Crisafulli – Head Coach North Star High School Cougars Volleyball/Pennsylvania Volleyball Association Hall Of Fame Committee

I’ve known Shari for a long time as a player, a colleague, an opposing coach, a parent and as a friend. 

She is an incredible competitor and student of the game of volleyball.  Not many people put in the time and effort she does watching film, reading books, and attending clinics.  She does all this while working full time at the school and, along with her husband, raising an incredible family. 

It was an honor being able to call her with the good news of her induction and presenting her for the PVCA Hall of Fame.  It was well-deserved and long overdue. 

It’s just as big an honor to call her a friend.

Image by Nate Girvan: 2021 PIAA 2021 Class-1A Volleyball Champions – Clarion Area Bobcats

Aaron Straub – Longtime Elk County Catholic Basketball Coach And District Nine Volleyball Chairman

As volleyball chairman I have had a chance to watch Coach Campbell’s teams for many years. 

Coach Campbell has set a very high standard of excellence for teams in our area. 

Her girls are always very focused and have excellent skills. Obviously her teams were very well coached and had very defined roles. 

Coach Campbell does a great job in running an offense that accentuates her teams strengths and abilities.

Maybe the biggest compliment is that she loves competition and is willing to play an excellent schedule to prepare her team for District and State play. 

Certainly a well deserved honor for Shari.

Lindsay (Banner) Cigole – Former Player (1999-2002), Former Volunteer Assistant Coach (2002-2007) And Clarion Volleyball Fan

I had the opportunity as a gangly, uncoordinated, 9th grader to be part of Shari’s first year of coaching at Clarion Area High School. Over the course of the past 20+ years, I’ve been afforded the ability to play for her, coach with her, watch and support her, and most importantly befriend her. With a solid 20 years to reflect upon, I can say without a doubt that the time spent in the gym learning how to play the game of volleyball, build a volleyball IQ, become an all around better athlete, person, and team player, learn the mental toughness and visualization component of sport, and the success that comes from the hard work, discipline, dedication, and commitment that she instills as a part of being a part of her program is only the beginning of the journey and the impending outcome of the work put in. Her ultimate goal has always been to prepare and cultivate strong girls that become strong women in life outside of the gym and volleyball has just been her medium to do so. 

Between 14 and 18 years of age, you often don’t realize what those tough practices and lessons are inevitably teaching you and gearing you up for in the game of life. Admittedly, parents can even be shortsighted to the process that is taking shape in that gym. There’s no doubt that I struggled at times, but those lessons are also the ones that allowed me to have four successful years at Clarion University as a volleyball player on a team that made the NCAA tournament every year I was there. Those lessons are what have enabled me to thrive and lead in a male dominated real estate finance industry, while always striving to give back to the sport through coaching or teaching.  And the amazing thing is that I’m just one of dozens of girls turned women that have had the opportunity under Shari’s tutelage to play at the college level and thrive in her career, as a wife, mother, and the many roles each of us are tasked with fulfilling and balancing.  

Our 2001 and 2002 teams were the teams that she had prepared to make a run at winning a state title, but fell short. Consistent with what she said would happen, from time to time I think about that feeling of defeat, but more often than not it’s been a motivator to not feel that again if it’s within my control. However, the most important thing taken away from those years is the relationships, extended family, and community she fostered. As I’ve stayed connected with my former teammates and Clarion Area High School volleyball, the best thing to witness is the quality family time created among immediate families and the newly created family from the commitment to time spent in the gym together. As new generations of Clarion Area High School volleyball rise up through the program, the family continues to grow and you see the impact one person can have on not only a bunch of girls, but a community at large.

Shari deserves to be recognized and celebrated, but I have no doubt she’s still got a significant run time ahead of her. Shari – Keep being a light in the community and giving girls the opportunity to succeed past their wildest dreams!

Mike Hogan – Former Longtime Coach Northern Cambria High Colts (2019 State Champions)

Congrats to my good friend coach Campbell. A well deserved honor to go along with an incredible career.

We have competed over the years and even coached together one year with that incredible club team we had haha.

Regarding coach Campbell: No matter what the setting, club, summer league, team camp, preseason tournament, regular season matchup, or state playoff game, when you competed against a coach Campbell team you knew it was going to be a competitive, hard fought, exciting match.

Thank you Shari for all that you have done for the sport of volleyball and all of the positive influences you have had on people in the process.

Congratulations again!

Mike Leet – Former Bradford Volleyball Coach PVCA District Nine Girls AA and AAA Representative (Coach Shari is the Class A Representative)

Coach Campbell is an asset to any young or veteran coach that is willing to learn. She has been a great mentor, friend, and competitor throughout my years of involvement in the sport. Whether you were on the winning or defeated side of the contest, you always learned something if you were paying attention, and that is valuable to any coach. 

Jamie Emings – Shari’s First Junior Varsity Coach And Teacher At Clarion-Limestone

I was the first JV coach to be with Shari when she got hired at Clarion High School.  When Shari started, it was a learning curve for everyone.  She had so many ideas and goals on how to grow the volleyball program to the next level.  Her enthusiasm and motivation were contagious.  It was such a privilege to coach with someone who had such passion and respect for the game and players.  She was driven in bringing out the best in the girls on the court and in life everyday.   The hours Shari would spend planning practices, watching film, and scouting the next team were limitless.   Shari taught me so much about the game and introduced me to so many wonderful coaches.  I played volleyball at A-C Valley high school, but my love of the game grew further after coaching with Shari.  Shari’s volleyball experience and knowledge is unmeasurable.    

Congratulations Shari! 

Priscilla Gibboney – Former Volleyball Coach PIAA HOF Member

Shari Thomas Campbell

Volleyball Is Life – I’m sure many have seen these t-shirts that express an intense statement about the commitment a person has to a hobby, activity, job….

But doesn’t this truly sum up the totality of purpose that Shari Thomas Campbell has given to her passion ….coaching volleyball.

My name is Priscilla Gibboney, foremost I am a friend, but also a former volleyball coach, PA Coaches Hall of Fame member and mentor. However, my ties to Shari go way back to a time before she knew that Volleyball would be her life. Shari grew up in a small town in Central Pa. She played high school volleyball for the Huntingdon Bearcats. In the mid 80’s volleyball was just getting its grip on central Pa, (Juniata College and Penn State programs) and Shari was part of that movement. She trained as a setter and there began to develop knowledge as well as a love for this game. She also trained under a variety of coaches ( I was one of them) and that too started to mold her into the kind of coach she would become. As a player she learned about commitment, discipline, disappointment, being a good teammate, physical and mental training. All skills that she has explored and tweaked to build the program we recognize today.

Shari would have been successful in any endeavor she chose but isn’t the town of Clarion and all the players and their families blessed that she chose volleyball to her life.

Congratulations Shari on this induction into the Pa Hall of Fame, as it recognizes all the ways you have contributed to the game of volleyball and the development of young women. I’m looking forward to watching your continued success in the next years to come.

Clyde Conti – Longtime Clarion-Limestone Football Coach

Shari is obviously a phenomenal coach. She has built an amazing program at Clarion.  It was Clarion’s gain and C-L’s loss when she made the move to coach at Clarion. 

I know two elite volleyball coaches…Tom Phillips at Freeport and Shari Campbell at Clarion Area.  She is a prime example of why gender, in my opinion, means very little in coaching as it relates to  the ability to inspire athletes to self-motivate and maximize their abilities. 

Congrats to Shari on receiving this distinctive honor.

Coach Russ Rose – Former Head Coach Penn State University And Director Volleyball Express Camps At Juniata

It is a great pleasure for me to add my congratulations to Shari on her election to the Pennsylvania Volleyball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

I have a long memory of working with Shari and her sister who played for me when they were growing up in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. It was a camp that we ran and I think a lot of the hard work that went in to it and (I) the opportunity to go spend time with her parents, so that everyone that was working hard had a little break, kind of reenforced the importance of what it takes to be a successful coach.

I know that Shari would be bringing her high school team and selected players up to camp and doing all the things that a coach needs to do help a player be successful.

I think her selection to the Hall of Fame is a reflection of all the time and work that she puts in to make her program better to assist the players that were under her direction, over the course of her career, in addition to having great success.

You know success is a great way to keep score. And they had great success well.

But winning doesn’t really validate one’s career, it’s the time and effort that one puts in. I know Shari is a devoted coach and her efforts are being recognized and I applaud that.

D J Bevevino Pennwest Clarion Associate Athletic Director/Compliance Coordinator Athletics / Former Athletic Director and Longtime Coach At Clarion Area

Shari brought an innovative approach to high school girls’ volleyball to Clarion Area, the KSAC and District IX. 

I have often expressed my belief that Shari helped elevate the level of play of girls’ volleyball throughout the KSAC and District IX.  Shari’s commitment to her program and her athletes allowed her program to enjoy unparalleled success at Clarion Area. 

As the Athletic Director, a fellow coach and a parent, I witnessed firsthand the dedication and determination that was the driving force behind the State, District and KSAC Championships.   

I am grateful to Shari for the impact she had on my daughter, Erika, not only as her coach in her senior year, but also as Erika served as her assistant coach for the Clarion Area Volleyball team for many years.  Shari has certainly cemented her place with prestige in Clarion Area Athletics history, and I wish to congratulate her for this outstanding and well-deserved honor.  

Dr. Joe Carrico Longtime Educator and Administrator and Clarion Area School District Superintendent

What a fitting tribute to Coach Campbell. 

Coaching in and of itself is a demanding and challenging choice.  To do so for multiple decades and at such a high degree of success is truly special. 

It has been a pleasure to be a small part of  this journey with Coach Campbell, her staff and especially the student athletes that have dedicated so much of their time, energy and talents over the course of time.  When a coach achieves these levels of success professionally, there is a tremendous family support network there as well.  Jim, Brenna, Hadley, Adewyn, parents, etc all own a piece of Shari’s legacy and I know how important her family is to her. 

Well done Shari, and she is not done yet!

Erika (Bevevino) Cathcart – Clarion Area Teacher, Longtime Assistant Volleyball Coach And Volunteer; And Former Player

When Shari took over the volleyball program my senior year of high school, she believed in me and pushed me harder than I had ever been pushed before.  She continued to challenge me when I started coaching alongside her. For both life-changing experiences, I am truly grateful. 

It is a privilege to watch Shari set these high expectations for her players and her coaches, especially knowing everyone strives to reach them. There is no backing down or giving up.  There is only the continued belief and drive to reach what is set before us.  

Time and time again, as our senior leaders and star athletes graduated, I thought the following year would not be as successful. As the next season started, the players would step up and replace the ones from the year before. This positive transition from year to year is a direct result of Shari’s impact on those players. She never thought about rebuilding, she simply reloaded.

The same determined and dedicated coach all these years later, Shari still empowers her players to have confidence in themselves, understand the importance of hard work, trust the process, and recognize that working together can produce amazing results. Once an athlete buys into what she is teaching, following her path leads to great outcomes. That journey also leads her players to have so many more accomplishments.

The transferable skills that the players gain from her program help in so many aspects of their lives. Many players have come and gone through her program, and all of them leave with these essential qualities. 

The most important aspect of her coaching is to help build successful citizens. 

Shari and I had 15 incredible years together and I will always cherish the memories. I am so happy that she has been recognized for her excellence and hope that she will carry on for years to come.

Tracy Durish – Longtime Bobcat Assistant Coach And Former Head Coach At North Clarion

Shari Campbell is synonymous with Clarion Volleyball.   

Shari Campbell is the most knowledgeable and competitive coach I have ever had the honor of coaching with and against.  Her passion to win, desire to be the best, and ability to motivate athletes established a volleyball program our school district and community can be  proud of.  The standard she set for volleyball in the region and in the state is what other programs aspire to be.

Shari, congratulations on being inducted into the PVCA Hall of Fame.  I am so happy for you and excited that your achievements as a coach were recognized.  I look forward to years of continued success with you and Clarion Area Volleyball. – Coach Durish

Brooke Bailey – Physician Assistant  Brooklyn, New York Physician Assistant At NYU Langone In Orthopedic Surgery/Sports Medicine. Member of 2010 State Runner-Up Team. Three Time All-State And All-State Tournament Team 2008, 2009, 2010

There are many things I could say about Coach Campbell, but her ability to detect and coax out talent on the volleyball court is like no other. Year after year, she brings together a group of people and forms them into a knowledgeable, powerful, and fearless team who can win match after match. More importantly, she creates an environment surrounding the court for her players to flourish and grow. What I learned on that team, I’ve carried with me to this day. I’ve been on many teams and coached by many people, but there’s only one Coach. We are grateful to have her and I am especially grateful to have been part of her team. A huge congratulations to her on this induction — it’s well-deserved and about time!

Bruce Thomas – Shari’s Father

Shari was born on New Year’s Day, 1970 in Madison, Wisconsin when I was in Medical School at the University of Wisconsin. Penn State was playing in the Orange Bowl against Missouri then and we missed the end of the game while being in the delivery room. Her husband Jim is a loyal Pitt fan, so you can see the divided loyalties in the Pitt-vs-Wisconsin volleyball match last night(I have to switch from my Wisconsin shirt to a Pitt shirt for next weeks matches).

Shari started first grade in Charlottesville, Virginia and her class was told to run a race across the school playground. When the race started, Shari stayed at the start line and did not run! We talked to her about her decision and she said “I didn’t want to lose”!

She was always a good student at Huntingdon Area High School where she started her volleyball career as a setter(she tried basketball, but gave it up for volleyball). She was selected to play in the Keystone Games in 1987. She went to Juniata College starting as a chemistry major and switched to education which she loves. While at JC, she was coached by Larry Bock who influenced her decision to continue with volleyball in the coaching field. After graduating from Juniata College, she was waiting for school boards to meet in August to see where she would get a teaching position. As August progressed, one of the Penn State volleyball alums, John Wasilewski, was in Huntingdon at the JC volleyball camps and mentioned that he would be the head volleyball coach at St. Bonaventure and was looking for an assistant coach! Shari knew John and decided to go to St. Bonaventure as  graduate assistant where she also earned her Master’s Degree. After that experience, she was hired as the Clarion-Limestone Volleyball coach and subsequently at Clarion Area High School. She is very dedicated to coaching volleyball and working with young people, but she is also dedicated to her position as a guidance counselor for Clarion HS.

It has been very rewarding to see Shari continue to be an excellent coach, teacher and Mother to her daughter’s Brenna, Hadlee & Addiwyn. She has an amazing knowledge of chlidhood development and applies this to her players and other young people that she works with on a daily basis. Her knowledge of the details and skills needed to play volleyball are exceptional and she is a leader in her field. She has the ability to work with young players so that they are motivated to achieve their anticipated potentials. Many of her players have continued on to play volleyball in college and develop their careers as doctors, physician assistants, occupational therapists, speech therapists, teachers, coaches, stock brokers, etc. We are all proud of her accomplishments as she continues as a coach and teacher.

She has provided an excellent role model for many young people.

Diane Geis – Former Elk County Catholic Volleyball Head Coach (2003-2016); (18 Years Combined As Head Coach And Assistant)

I admire her dedication to her program and the success she has achieved both on and off the court. Coach Campbell has made a huge impact not only with her players, but the sport of High School Volleyball. Always encouraging everyone she comes in contact with to work hard and do their best.

I have the upmost respect for Coach Campbell and legacy she has created with the Bobcats. Congratulations Coach on your many years of success. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this honor than you.

Tami Selfridge – Former Volleyball Coach At Bainbridge-Guilford High School (Bainbridge, New York) Bobcats/ 2017 and 2018 New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) Class-D State Champions

Life certainly does take you on some wild rides!  

Three years ago I was coaching a varsity team in upstate NY and didn’t even know who the great Shari Campbell was. How ironic that when my family decided to move to western PA, we would land in the same town that Shari is building a volleyball legacy.  

I am truly thankful that my youngest had at least one year, even if it was a Covid year, to play for Shari.  Coaching is not for the faint of heart but lucky for Clarion Area, Shari Campbell is a warrior.  A good coach doesn’t know it all, but rather wants to keep learning and calls on a team of soldiers to help achieve goals!  No one would argue that Shari knows the sport of volleyball but what sets her apart is the volleyball Mecca she has created.  

We ask athletes to put in the work, but a successful program requires the coach(s) to put in the work and there isn’t a coach I know that works harder than Shari.  She gives players the opportunity to succeed by offering off season workouts, club opportunities, team bonding events. That is how you build a program  like Clarion Area!  

She is wonderful role model for the girls and young coaches and so very deserving of this Hall of Fame honor!

Amanda Thomas – Shari’s Sister

Shari has re-created aspects of the unique life we grew up with in rural Pennsylvania.  She and her family have dedicated a life to building a successful girl’s volleyball program.  Her coaching dedication has rippled into the life skills that helped us succeed, skills like work ethic, community connections, and leadership.  Through this achievement Shari has better prepared young women to also navigate the equally important life lessons of struggle and loss both on the court and in life.

Decades later I can look back and say we had no idea what we were chasing.  We were just following in the footsteps of those ahead and around us.  Shari had a community of players and amazing coaches who instilled the belief in striving and being better. I think of Dr. Tate, Coach Rose, and Larry Bock.  They empowered, and made it possible for us to have coaches like Priscilla Gibboney and our Mom, Barb Thomas, that believed we needed equal opportunity, Shari and her family continue to carry that legacy for her teams and community. “

(Congratulations to Coach Shari, the Campbell family and to all involved with you in this fine journey!!!! Thanks to Stacy Ochs, Nate Girvan and the Campbells for the photos and to all who contributed comments!!)

All-Time list of Bobcats Volleyball PVCA All-State, All-District Nine and All-KSAC players.

District TeamState TeamACVA Region 2 Team
2022-2023KSAC Champions
Aryanna Girvan (12)1st Team1st Team
Hadlee Campbell (10)2nd Team2nd Team
Grace Ochs (12)3rd Team
Taylor Alston (11)3rd Team
2021-2022KSAC ChampionsDistrict IX ChampionsSINGLE A STATE CHAMPTIONS
Korrin Burns (12)1st Team (MVP)1st Team (MVP)All State
Jordan Best (12)2nd Team1st TeamAll State
Noel Anthony (12)3rd Team1st TeamAll State
Aryana Girvan (11)2nd Team1st TeamAll State
Payton Simko (12)2nd TeamAll State
2020-2021KSAC ChampionsDistrict IX ChampionsSINGLE A STATE CHAMPIONS
Brenna Campbell (12)1st Team1st Team (MVP)All StateAll-Region
Erica Selfridge (12)1st Team1st TeamAll StateAll-Region
Korrin Burns (11)1st Team (MVP)1st TeamAll State
Jordan Best (11)3rd Team2nd TeamAll State
Payton Simko (11)3rd Team
Aryana Girvan (10)2nd Team2nd TeamAll State
2019-2020KSAC ChampionsDistrict IX ChampionsState Semi-Finals
Kaitlyn Constantino (12)1st Team1st TeamAll State
KK Girvan (12)1st Team1st TeamAll State
Maddie School (12)2nd Team2nd TeamAll State
Brenna Campbell (11)1st Team (MVP)1st Team (MVP)All State
Korrin Burns (10)1st Team1st TeamAll State
2018-2019KSAC ChampionsDistrict IX ChampionsState Quarterfinals
Dorothy Kalinowski (12)3rd Team
Kait Constantino (11)2nd Team2nd Team
Kyara Girvan (11)1st Team2nd TeamAll State
Maddie Schill (11)2nd Team1st Team
Brenna Campbell (10)1st Team1st Team (MVP)All State
Korrin Burns (9)2nd Team1st Team
2017-2018State Semi-Finals
Alexis Constantino (12)1st Team1st TeamAll State
Maya Thornton (12)1st Team1st TeamAll State
Maddie Schill (10)2nd Team
Brenna Campbell (9)2nd Team2nd TeamAll State
2016-2017KSAC Champions
Olivia Burns (12)1st Team1st TeamAll State
Gloria Kroh (12)1st Team1st TeamAll State
Maya Thornton (11)2nd Team
Alexis Constantino (11)2nd Team
2015-2016District IX ChampionsState Tournament
Anna Reed (12)1st Team1st Team (MVP)All State
Keanna Over (12)2nd Team1st Team
Olivia Burns (11)1st Team1st TeamAll State
Gloria Kroh (11)Honorable Mention
2014-2015KSAC ChampionsDistrict IX ChampionsState Semi-Finals
Katie Eustice (12)1st Team (MVP)1st Team (MVP)All State
Anna McNamara (12)1st Team1st TeamAll State
Jennifer Ochs (12)1st Team1st TeamAll State
Anna Reed (11)1st Team1st TeamAll State
2013-2014KSAC ChampionsDistrict IX ChampionsState Quarterfinals
Kyla Miles (12)1st Team (MVP)1st TeamAll State
Bekah Nesbitt (12)1st Team1st Team (MVP)All State
Katie Eustice (11)1st Team1st TeamAll State
Jennifer Ochs (11)2nd Team2nd Team
Anna Reed (10)3rd Team3rd Team
2012-2013KSAC ChampionsDistrict IX ChampionsPIAA SINGLE A STATE CHAMPIONS
Morgan Bailey (12)1st Team1st TeamAll State
Ellie Burns (12)1st Team (MVP)1st Team (MVP)All State
Kate Fillman (12)1st Team1st TeamAll State
Gretchen Vandermeer (12)1st Team1st TeamAll State
Hannah Wolf (12)2nd Team
Kyla Miles (11)2nd Team1st TeamAll State
2011-2012KSAC ChampionsDistrict IX ChampionsPIAA SingleA State Runner-up
Cassie Sintobin (12)1st Team (Co-MVP)1st Team (MVP)All State & Tournament Team
Morgan Bailey (11)2nd Team2nd Team
Ellie Burns (11)1st Team2nd TeamAll State
Kate Fillman (11)1st Team1st TeamAll State & Tournament Team
Matti Thornton (11)2nd Team3rd Team
Gretchen Vandermeer (11)1st Team1st TeamTournament Team
2010-2011KSAC ChampionsDistrict IX ChampionsPIAA SingleA State Runner-up
Brooke Bailey (12)1st Team1st TeamAll State & Tournament Team
Dani Fleeger (12)1st Team (MVP)1st TeamAll State & Tournament Team
Brittany Hanlon (12)1st Team1st Team
Rachael Nesbitt (12)2nd Team
Tiffany Smathers (12)1st Team1st TeamAll State & Tournament Team Defensive MVP
Cassie Sintobin (11)2nd Team
Morgan Bailey (10)3rd Team
2009-2010District IX Runner-upState Final 8
Brooke Bailey (11)1st Team1st TeamAll State & Tournament Team
Dani Fleeger (11)2nd Team1st Team
Tiffany Smathers (11)1st Team1st TeamAll State
2008-2009KSAC ChampionsDistrict IX ChampionsState Semi-Finals
Kierstin Kiser (12)1st Team (MVP)1st Team (MVP)All State & Tournament Team
Hannah Ray (11)3rd Team3rd Team
Brooke Bailey (10)1st Team1st TeamAll State & Tournament Team
Tiffany Smathers (10)2nd Team1st TeamAll State
Dani Fleeger (10)2nd Team2nd Team
2007-2008KSAC ChampionsDistrict IX ChampionsState Final 8
Erin Bean (12)1st Team (MVP)1st TeamAll State
Emily Fillman (12)1st Team1st Team (MVP)All State
Kierstin Kiser (11)1st Team1st Team
Tiffany Smathers (9)3rd Team
2006-2007co-KSAC ChampionsDistrict IX ChampionsState Final 8
Alex Heller (12)1st Team1st TeamAll State
Christine Mehta (12)1st Team1st TeamAll State & Tournament Team
Kylynn Smith (12)2nd TeamHonorable Mention
Emily Fillman (11)3rd Team
2005-2006KSAC Champions
Alison Bolinger (12)1st Team3rd Team
Brittany Kapp (12)2nd Team
Alex Heller (11)1st Team3rd Team
Christine Mehta (11)3rd Team
Kylynn Smith (11)3rd Team
2004-2005KSAC ChampionsDistrict IX Runner-up
Erin Faulk (12)3rd Team
Meghen Glenn (12)1st Team1st Team2nd Team
Dani Hughes (12)1st Team (MVP)1st Team1st Team
Kelly O’Neil (12)3rd Team
Katelin Speer (12)2nd Team
Meghen Glenn (11)3rd Team
Dani Hughes (11)1st Team (MVP)2nd Team
2002-2003KSAC ChampionsDistrict IX ChampionsState Tournament
Lindsay Banner (12)1st Team1st Team
Lauren Faulk (12)1st Team2nd Team
Samantha Mechling (12)1st Team1st TeamHonorable Mention
Emily Sandora (12)1st Team (MVP)1st Team2nd Team
2001-2002KSAC ChampionsDistrict IX ChampionsState Final 8
Lindsay Banner (11)1st Team
Lauren Faulk (11)2nd Team3rd Team
Samantha Mechling (11)1st Team (MVP)1st Team
Emily Sandora (11)1st Team1st Team (MVP)Honorable Mention
2000-2001co-KSAC ChampionsDistrict IX Runner-upState Tournament
Katie Krull (12)1st Team
Lauren Walters (12)2nd Team
Samantha Mechling (10)Honorable Mention
Emily Sandora (10)2nd Team1st Team
1999-2000KSAC Champions
Katie Burleigh (12)1st Team3rd Team
Katie Krull (11)2nd Team3rd Team
1994-1995KSAC Champions
Di Murphy1st Team (MVP)1st Team (MVP)Honorable Mention
1993-1994KSAC ChampionsDistrict IX ChampionsState Tournament
Meg Siegel1st Team
Di Murphy1st Team
Heather Ochs2nd Team
Jaimee Heffner2nd Team
Missy Weaver3rd Team
1992-1993Clarion County League Champions
1991-1992Clarion County League ChampionsDistrict IX ChampionsState Final 8
Bobbi Simpson1st Team
1990-1991Clarion County League Champions
Stacey Weaver3rd Team
Bobbi Simpson2nd Team
Bobbi SimpsonAll-Star Team

Clarion’s season records (conference and overall), all their various championships and important place finishes etc.

Season Results
2022-23100126KSAC Champions
2021-22110200KSAC Champions, District IX Champions, PIAA Single A STATE CHAMPIONS
2020-21110240KSAC Champions, District IX Champions, PIAA Single A STATE CHAMPIONS
2019-20110182KSAC Champions, District IX Champions, State Semi-Finals, Final PAVBCA Ranking 3rd
2018-19110163KSAC Champions, District IX Champions, State Final 8
2017-2018101164State Semi-finals, 2nd Place Final Ranking
2016-2017110133KSAC Champions
2015-2016101144District IX Champions, State Tournament
2014-2015110181KSAC Champions, District IX Champions, State Semi-Finals
2013-2014110172KSAC Champions, District IX Champions, State Final 8, 5th Place Final Ranking
2012-2013110230KSAC Champions, District IX Champions, Western Region Champions, PIAA Single A STATE CHAMPIONS
2011-2012110203KSAC Champions, District IX Champions, Regional Champions, State Runner-up, 2nd Place Final Ranking
2010-2011110224KSAC Champions, District IX Champions, Regional Champions, State Runner-up, 2nd Place Final Ranking
2009-2010101157District IX Runner-up, Regional Champions, State Final 8
2008-2009110202KSAC Champions, District IX Champions, Regional Champions, State Semi-Finals, 3rd Place Final Ranking
2007-2008120214KSAC Champions, District IX Champions, Regional Champions, State Final 8, 6th Place Final Ranking
2006-2007111204Co-KSAC Champions, District IX Champions, Regional Champions, State Final 8, 5th Place Final Ranking
2005-2006130174KSAC Champions
2004-2005190233KSAC Champions, District IX Runner-up, State Tournament
2002-2003160201KSAC Champions, District IX Champions, State Tournament
2001-2002151213KSAC Champions, District IX Champions, State Final 8
2000-2001151173Co-KSAC Champions, District IX Runner-up, State Tournament
1999-2000151163KSAC Champions
Totals2901043768State Championships: 3 State Runner Up: 2 State Semi-Finalists: 4 State Tournament Appearances: 19 District IX Championships: 15 District IX Runner Up: 3 KSAC Championships: 20