Thirty-One Wildcats Named To The 2024 All-Academic Team

The Pennsylvania Football News ( has announced their 2024 All-Academic Team, with thirty-one Central Clarion Wildcats being named.

Two players made the Gold Team, fifteen were selected to the Silver Team and fourteen were named to the Bronze Team.

Selected to the Gold Team, which includes athletes who competed in the 2023 season with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.0 and up, were junior Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman Matt Alston and sophomore Wide Receiver/Linebacker Charley Hepfl.

Two seniors were named to the Silver Team, which includes players who carried a 3.5-3.99 GPA during the 2023 season, Wide Receiver/Safety Brady Quinn; Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman Colby Wright.

Three juniors made the Silver Team, Wide Receiver/Defensive Back Jesse Siwiecki, Kicker Thomas Uckert and Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman Peyton Ward.

Seven sophomores were Silver Team selections, Wide Receiver/Linebacker Briggs Beckwith, Wide Receiver/Defensive Back Mason Burford, Running Back/Linebacker Brady McKinley, Tight End/Defensive Lineman Parker Brant, Wide Receiver/Defensive Back Thalen Allison, Wide Receiver/Defensive Back Brady Guth and Tight End/Defensive Lineman Hayden Hindman.

Three freshmen were selected on the Silver Team, Running Back/Linebacker Treyven Hooks, Running Back/Linebacker Alex Love and Running Back/Linebacker Billy Kahle.

Five seniors, four juniors, three sophomores and two freshmen were named to the Bronze Team, which includes athletes with a GPA of 3.0-3.49, for the Wildcats.

The seniors named to the Bronze Team are Running Back/Linebacker Noah Naser, Wide Receiver/Linebacker Tommy Smith, Wide Receiver/Cornerback Dawson Smail, Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman Coleman Slater and Offensive Lineman/Linebacker Jake Smith.

The Wildcat juniors named to the Bronze Team include Quarterback/Safety Jase Ferguson, Running Back/Linebacker Braylon Beckwith, Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman Joshua Duncan and Wide Receiver/Defensive Back Kohen Kemmer.

Sophomores named to the Bronze Team include Running Back/Linebacker Hunter Lechner, Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman Gabriel Anderson and Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman Jacob Naser.

The two Wildcat freshmen named to the Bronze Team are Wide Receiver Reagan Parker and Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman Conner Eberhardt.

Wildcats’ Head Coach Dave Eggleton shared his pride his players who made the Pennsylvania 2024 Football News All-Academic Team, “I am very proud of the work our young men put in on and off the field. This academic success is a testament to their character and dedication. We have a great group of young men for our youth to look up to.” 

(Congratulations to all the Wildcats named to the Pennsylvania Football News 2024 All-Academic Team!!!!)