Clarion County YMCA Riversharks Swim Team Competes At CEN-KEY Championships (02/21/14)

(By Matt Lerch)

The Clarion County YMCA Riversharks competed in their first Cen-Key Swim League
Championships at the Clearfield YMCA February 15th and 16th.

Clarion was accompanied, during the two-day event, by YMCA swim teams from Bellefonte, Brookville, Clearfield, Dubois, East Lycoming, Hollidaysburg, Jersey Shore, Juniata Valley, Lock Haven, Ridgway and State College.

(Photo by Matt Lerch) Members of the Riversharks proudly display their awards

(Photo by Matt Lerch) Members of the Riversharks proudly display their awards

During their inaugural year, the Riversharks were proudly supported with 65 swimmers ranging in ages from 6 years to 17 years. Coaches Rachel Tano and Samantha VanDyke, both former Clarion University swimmers, led the team to successful heights. The Riversharks could not have participated in the Cen-Key Swim League if it weren’t for the accommodations of the Clarion University swimming pool. Many thanks are needed for the generosity of President Karen Whitney, over 40 Riversharks team sponsors, Clarion YMCA Director Jesse Kelley and the Clarion County YMCA Board of Directors who helped to make this dream come true for the many children of this area.

District qualifiers so far are Kristy Juart in the 200 Freestyle, 100 freestyle, 100 backstroke, 50 backstroke and 50 freestyle; Tanner Kerle in the 50 Freestyle, 100 Freestyle, 50 Breaststroke and 50 Butterfly, Alayna Murray in the 200 Freestyle, 50 Breaststroke, 100 Breaststroke and 50 Butterfly; Marshall Powers in the 50 Freestyle; Evelyn Lerch in the 50 Breaststroke and 100 Breaststroke; Isaac Wilson in the 200 Backstroke, 500 Freestyle, 200 IM and 100 Backstroke; Beau Verdill in the 50 Freestyle, 100 Freestyle, and 50 Breaststroke; Parker Boyden in the 50 Freestyle, 50 Backstroke and 100 Freestyle.

Clarion was represented by 38 swimmers during the Cen-Key Championships with many of the swimmers making the top 12 finishes in their individual events and relays.  The top 12 finishers were:


Mason Burns (13-14)
9th 100 breaststroke
3rd  200 breaststroke
4th  500 freestyle

Marshall Powers (13-14)
7th  50 freestyle
9th  100 backstroke
11th 100 freestyle

Isaac Wilson (15-18)
4th 100 backstroke
3rd  200 Individual Medley (IM)
3rd 500 freestyle

Bailee Verdill 8 and Under
6th 25 freestyle
2nd  25 breaststroke
4th 100 IM

Patrick Young (8 and Under)
8th  50 freestyle

Beau Verdill (9-10)
4th  200 freestyle
3rd 100 breaststroke
6th 50 breaststroke

Tanner Kerle (11-12)
5th  50 freestyle
4th  50 breaststroke

Brayden Murray (8 and under)
2nd 25 backstroke
6th 50 freestyle
5th 100 IM


Kristy Juart (11-12)
3rd 200 freestyle
6th 50 backstroke
3rd 100 backstroke

Alayna Murray (11-12)
4th  100 breaststroke
5th 50 Breaststroke

Paige Sherbine (13-14)
5th 200 freestyle
11th 100 freestyle

Allie Vega (15-18)
10th  100 backstroke

Parker Boyden (9-10)
4th 50 backstroke
5th 50 freestyle
9th 100 IM

Keeper Juart (8 and under)
1st 25 backstroke
4th 50 freestyle
3rd  100 IM

Evelyn Lerch (9-10)
2nd  50 breaststroke

Grace Schmader (9-10)
10th  100 freestyle

Lydia Seaton (11-12)
12th 200 freestyle


Girls 11-12 200 yard Freestyle Relay
9th  Alayna Murray, Lydia Seaton, Kristy Juart, Bethany Cater

Girls 8 and Under 100 yard Freestyle Relay
4th   Keeper Juart, Gia Babbington, Jocalyn Henry, Isabella Texter
8th  Maya Wilshire, Kismet Juart, McKayla Kerle, Anna Gribik

Girls 9-10 200 Freestyle Relay
6th Grace Schmader, Parker Boyden, Joyce Kim, Evelyn Lerch

(Thanks to Matt Lerch for this article and photo. Nice Job, Riversharks!!!!)