Super Heroes To The Rescue (04/15/14)

Number 1 Bobcat Fan Ryan Wiser celebrated his 30th Birthday this week and Clarion’s resident Superhero expert, didn’t have to worry that his birthday party would be a bust.

(Photo by Larry Wiser) "Bobcat Superheroes"

(Photo by Larry Wiser)
“Bobcat Superheroes” aka Clarion Area Football players and good friends, Front: (Spider-man) Damien Cherico, Back L-R: (Superman 1) Nathan McNamara, (Captain America 1) Tyler Allen, (The Green Lantern) Benton Reichart, (Superman 2) John Katis, (Batman) Luke Nellis, (Captain America 2) Matt Verne, (The Incredible Hulk) Cody Hearst

No less than eight Superheroes made sure of that when they showed up for the festivities, as DC and Marvel teamed together to make sure this milestone birthday party would be one Ryan would never forget.

Among the famed crime fighters showing up at Ryan’s Applewood Valley residence were DC’s Batman, The Green Lantern and not one, but two Supermen. Marvel sent The Incredible Hulk, Spider-man (in Black nonetheless) and not to be outdone by DC, twin Captain America’s.

The Superheroes’, who Coach Wiser dubbed “Bobcat Superheroes,” alter egos are none other than Clarion Area Football players and Ryan’s good friends, Luke Nellis, Matt Verne, Nathan McNamara, Cody Hearst, Tyler Allen, John Katis, Benton Reichart, and Damien Cherico.

Applewood Valley can rest easy, knowing these Superheroes are around, even if Ryan won’t be able to fall asleep for a week.