Community Impact: CUP Senior Kevin Griffin (08/06/17)

Matt Lerch, of the Clarion River Valley Strikers, has begun submitting articles “that show the positive community impact many Clarion University students have had from our angle.” I feel many times these kids go unnoticed and therefore are not appreciated by the general Clarion populace. Our coaches basically work for nothing but the love of kids and to help hone their skills in their different majors.

This is Matt’s first installment:

Community Impact: CUP Senior Kevin Griffin

(Photo by Matt Lerch) Strikers U12 Girls and U14 Coed Coach Kevin Griffin

Coach Kevin Griffin returns to Clarion this fall to coach the Clarion River Valley Strikers to his fourth winning season.

Kevin is a 22 year old senior at Clarion University majoring in Sports Management. He attended Easton Area High School and is a former high school soccer player, football player and track athlete. Currently, Kevin is a Volunteer Assistant Soccer Coach for the Women’s Soccer team at Clarion University.

Kevin is a charismatic leader that looks to push athletes to their full soccer potential while maintaining a fun and memorable training atmosphere. He prioritizes progression in technical skills, tactical play and soccer IQ.

Kevin has coached for the Strikers U12 Girls and U14 Coed team, all with winning seasons.

Kevin’s favorite inspirational line is “Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard.”

(Thanks to Matt Lerch for this article. Great job, Kevin.)