Clarion Sports Zone In Need Of Sportswriters And Photographers (09/04/17)

Clarion Sports Zone is in need of sportswriters and photographers.

With my work schedule the last several years, as well as other commitments such as filming and compiling records etc. for the Bobcat Football Team, I am not able to give the coverage that I have in times past. It is too difficult to keep up with the various sports at different levels, as I would like.

I am asking for any Bobcat sports fans, parents, coaches, students to help with this endeavor. I need your involvement if this site is to cover our kids well. If school teachers and administrators know of any students who would like to spread their journalistic wings, please let me know.

If you can help by covering any sport by doing write-ups and/or taking pictures of contests it would be appreciated.

Parents, if your child’s team isn’t getting coverage, you may want to ask their coach if you can cover it for us. Anything, from two or three paragraphs, which include: sport, day and date of the event, score by quarters or halves, who scored and how etc. to as much as your sports writing prowess allows, would be great. Also if anyone could take action photos during varsity games, it would be of great service, as I can’t because of filming.

The articles and/or photos should be sent by email to:, either as an email text or in Microsoft Word file. Photos should be on JPeg file (only one or two per article) and shot horizontally (vertical shots do not work well on the site and don’t work for large feature images, at top of article).

The only guidelines are: All articles are to be positive,  (no derrogatory remarks against any player, coach or official); never mention who commits error, fumbles or throws interception etc.; give info on opponent’s scores etc. when possible.

The site exists to give the young athletes uplifting coverage.

If you would like to help with this endeavor, please contact me at: