Bobcat Cross Country Gets New Warm-ups Thanks To Generous Alumni (10/29/19)

(Photos from Clarion Area Cross Country) Above Clarion Bobcats and Lady Cat Cross Country in new warm-ups, with coaches and parents after District Nine Meet

The Clarion Area Cross Country Team has recently received new waterproof warm-ups thans to contributions from alumni.

The drive to raise money for the warm-ups began with Angela Zaeske Rudy, a 1981 Clarion Area graduate and former athlete. Angela competed in cross country and other sports and extra curricular activities during her time at CHS.

Emblem on new warm-ups

Angela describes herself as being “very passionate about supporting this team.”

The inspiration for the drive for the new warm-ups began after she and some friends saw the Cats compete. Angela mentioned, “A couple of my friends and I went to watch a Clarion Area Cross Country meet when we were home for the Autumn Leaf Festival.  We observed something very special about the team from a distance.  They stood out over all the other sixteen teams as they were huddled together chanting, swaying, and supporting each other as a bonded team.”

Angela Zaeske Rudy CAHS 1981 and Bridget Linnan Kennedy CAHS 1983, in their classic letter jackets were on hand at the District Nine Cross Country Meet.

Angela is also impressed with the Clarion Area coaches. She said, “The coaches Keith Murtha and Tammy Lerch have been able to channel their positive attitudes to their team by using motivation and inspirational techniques.  Only elite coaches are able to successfully accomplish this bond to push the team beyond their natural athlete potential.  I commend these coaches!”

She mentioned that, Cross Country is a sport that is often overlooked by spectators. I promise if the Clarion Community would come and watch this team run they would understand why CAHS Alumni will continue to support and donate to Clarion Area High School Cross Country!  Clarion Proud!”

Angela and some friends were in attendance at the District Nine Class-A and Class-AA meet at Ridgway. “I wanted to say that this was the most exciting sporting event that I have been to in a long time.”

“Good luck at State BOBCATS!”

Thank you Angela and to all the Alumni who have given to this wonderful cause!!!!