Booth At Kaival Food Mart Dedicated In Memory Of Attorney and Local High School Sports Fan Ralph Montana (10/30/19)

Longtime Clarion attorney Ralph Montana who passed away last month, has had one of his favorite spots dedicated in his honor.

Mr. Montana, who could often be seen at local sporting events, especially at Keystone and Clarion supporting the kids and on the porch at his law offices, was a morning fixture at the Kaival Food Mart next to the Clarion County Courthouse.

As sure as the sun would come up in the morning, and even before the sun came up, Mr. Montana a Vietnam Vet and champion for Veterans’ concerns, could be seen sitting in the booth, always the same seat with his copy of the Derrick and his coffee. He would engage in friendly conversation with other patrons who were there in the morning. This took place for many years.

Now, “Ralph’s Booth” is dedicated to his honor and memory with a memorial plaque.

Plaque in Mr. Montana’s memory

Kaival manager, Jess Yonkers who has been at the store for a number of years said, “Since I’ve been here, on most weekdays, Ralph would come in and get his coffee and paper, and go to ‘his spot.’ He would carry on conversations with the workers and many of the other customers.

I enjoyed talking to Ralph. Everyone did.”

Kaival manager, Jess Yonkers at her (and numerous customer’s) friend Ralph Montana’s booth.

Next time you are at the Kaival Food Mart, stop by Ralph’s booth and look at the plaque. I’m sure it will bring fond memories of this fine man and pillar of the community.