Lady Cats Junior High Basketball Completes Successful Season (11/29/19)

(All photos by Maria Wilson) Above: A-Team Sophie Babington moving the ball up-court against North Clarion

(By Coach Christina Toth)

A-Team: Emily Troese against A-C Valley

Thursday, November 21st: A Game:

Clarion 30 – Forest Area 10

Gia Babington – 9 points, Sophie Babington – 8 points, McKayla Kerle – 5 points, Alexis Sobalvarro – 4 points, Taylor Alston – 4 points

Tonight was the best the Clarion Lady Cats looked all season.  They ran through the Forest Fires’ 1-2-2 Full Court Press with ease.  They worked as a team and offensively kept the ball moving very well.  It was great to see everyone working as one and having such a great time tonight!

Natalie Durish fighting for the ball against North Clarion

B Game: Clarion 19 – Forest Area 17

Sophie Babington – 9 points, Natalie Durish – 4 points, Hadlee Campbell – 2 points, Brenna Armstrong – 2 points, Haylee Cratsley – 2 points

It was a back a forth B game tonight at East Forest.  The lady cats closed the game with a win by making sure to only limit Forest to one-to-two shot chances and utilized rebounding to cap off our last away game with a W! Way to go ladies!

A-Team: Sophie Babington (Clarion) and Emalie Best (North Clarion)

Friday, November 22nd

A Game: Union 25 – Clarion16

Taylor Alston – 7 points, Gia Babington – 5 points, Anna Gribik – 2 points, Mercedes Cunningham – 2 points

What a tough loss at home against Union.  The Lady Cats just came off a great win against Forest and continued to play so well tonight.  Clarion got through Union’s press just as easy as with Forest, but just could not buy a bucket.  The lady cats got all the shots they wanted and needed, but they just wouldn’t fall.  It was a great lesson to the girls that even though offensively the basketball wouldn’t find the right bounce, they kept their head up and continued to play as a team.

Jordyn Smith getting set to inbound against North Clarion

B Game: Union 21 – Clarion 15

Sophie Babington – 8 points, Natalie Durish – 4 points, Brenna Armstrong – 3 points

Even though Union took both games tonight, both teams kept pushing and never let their heads hang.  The athletes on the B team worked extremely hard and fought to stay in the game each possession.  At the end of the 3rd quarter it was tied at 13, but Union was able to pull away in the 4th with some nice deep jump shots.  It was a great game of competition for the Lady Cats!

A-Team: Brenna Armstrong

Monday, November 25th

A Game: Clarion 23 – North Clarion 14

Anna Girbik – 8 points, Taylor Alston – 4 points, Gia Babington – 4 points, Alexis Sobalvarro – 3 points, McKayla Kerle – 2 points, Mercedes Cunningham – 2 points

With the first game against North Clarion at the beginning of the season losing by one point, the Lady Cats were ready to make up for some early season mistakes and redeem themselves.  Clarion took an early lead and never looked back tonight! After utilizing a press against the North Clarion Wolves from the start of the game, Clarion was able to force some turnovers on their side of the court and get some easy points.  Way to go Clarion! 

A-Team: Alexis Smith against North Clarion

B Game: Clarion 21 – North Clarion 15

Sophie Babington – 13 points, Natalie Durish – 4 points, Brenna Armstrong – 2 points, Emily Troese – 2 points,

The B game was close the whole time until the fourth quarter when the Lady Cats buckled down and played an extremely strong defensive quarter holding the Wolves to 0 points.  That allowed Clarion to come up big offensively and pull ahead late in the game.  What a fun and exciting game to be a part of!

Alexis Sobalvarro going for layup against Falcons

Tuesday, November 26th

A Game: Clarion 28 – A-C Valley 7

Alexis Sobalvarro – 8 points, McKayla Kerle – 8 points, Anna Gribik – 4 points, Taylor Alston – 4 points, Sophie Babington – 2 points, Mercedes Cunningham – 2 points

What a way to close out the Junior High Season with a big win against A-C Valley at home.  The Lady Cats got a big lead early in the first quarter by playing the best defense they have played yet this season.  Clarion’s Alexis Sobalvarro dominated the boards and wouldn’t allow A-CV more than one shot each possession offensively! Mrs. Coach Toth was so pleased to see all the hard work and learning all come together for such a strong performance their last game of the season! All the Lady Cats should be so proud of themselves!

Mercedes Cunningham stealing the ball

B Game: Clarion 13 – A-C Valley 7 Sophie Babington – 7 points

Natalie Durish – 4 points, JJ Wilson – 2 points

It was a little dry offensively for Clarion tonight, but that did not deter them for getting a win to end their season.  They pushed themselves to play very well defensively and limited A-C Valley to 2 points until the 4th quarter.  Their discipline for staying low and sliding their feet proved too much for A-CV and led to a final win of the season.  Both coaches are so pleased with the effort they witnessed all season and can’t wait to see the progress all of the Lady Cat Basketball players make over the off season. 

A-Team: Anna Gribik going against North Clarion

Thanks to Coach Toth for this article and to Maria Wilson for the photos. Congratulations on a successful season Lady Cats Junior High Basketball!!!!)