Clarion-Limestone Cross Country Running For St. Jude Children’s Hospital (12/24/19)

(Photo submitted) C-L Cross Country Team at 2019 Banquet

(By Coach Nicole Oakes)

At our Clarion-Lions Cross Country banquet on November 10th, we left the athletes with a message about the power and impact of sticking together and giving back to the community. Well, we have a group of awesome kids and while running together post season, the athletes came up with their own holiday give back idea. Organized by sophomore, Morgan McNaughton, the kids put together an event called Dashin’ for a Passion.

Dashin’ for a Passion is using our love of running to give to others in need. We (read 2019 runners) will track the miles we run over Christmas Break (December 21st – January 1st) and through sponsors, we will collectively donate to a charity (which will change each year). We hope you choose to take part in bettering not only our community, but our world. 

This Year’s Passion is:  St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  This is how to sponsor a runner: Choose any or all of our amazing runners to sponsor. Sponsoring can include giving a single donation of $5 dollars or more, or donating by mile ($.25 to $2 /mile). Everything is appreciated! 

Our Incredible 2019 runners are:  Morgan McNaughton, Brandon Smith, Jessica McCracken, Cody Whitling, and Nate Megnin.   Students:  It’s not too late to become a runner yourself! For any questions contact Morgan McNaughton at To be a sponsor, click this link:

This is 100% thought up, and organized by some of our C-L Cross Country Runners and I couldn’t be more proud!

In talking with Morgan she has set goals, just like we do during the season, with an “A” ultimate goal of raising $500 and a “B” of raising $200. Morgan fully intends to make it even bigger next year. I would love to see these kids exceed all of their goals with support from the community. Let’s let the Lion runners know how proud we are of all of their efforts! 

(Great cause!!!! Join the Lions by becoming a sponsor.)