Leap Of Faith Holding “Virtual Award Series” Competitions (04/22/20)

(Photo submitted: Irelyn Simpson winner of handstand competition)

(By Patty Lewis – Leap of Faith Director)

Upon the unfortunate State Meet cancellations and Gymnastics Club closings caused by COVID19, Leap of Faith Gymnastics has created a “Virtual Award Series”. Trophies and medals are awarded for the best skill or performance submitted.  

Despite the pandemic, we remain dedicated to our students and their passion for the sport. In addition to hosting Daily Workouts & Virtual Zoom classes from the beginning of the state mandated closure beginning March 13th, we have created weekly and weekend challenges in which all of our students ranging from Preschool (3-5 yrs old), Recreational Intermediate & Advanced Gymnastics (Ages 6+), Boy’s Freestyle Class (ages 6+, previously the Ninja Class), and The Competitive Team (currently ages 5-11) have been invited to compete in these challenges! 

The weekend of March 21-22, 2020 was first of these challenges: a Handstand contest in which each handstand was judged on best form, strength, control and longest hold. Irelyn Simpson, 7 years old was crowned the winner of the Handstand Contest! 

(Thanks to Patty Lewis and Leap of Faith for this article and the photo. Congratulations Irelyn!!!!)