The Alderton (Rankin, Coulson, Hepfl) Clan A Major Cog In C-L Lions Cross Country Success (Posted 10/15/20)

(All images by Diane Lutz) Above: (L-R) Ty Rankin, Braden Rankin, Coach Erin Hepfl, Corbin Coulson, Charlie Hepfl, and Aiden Coulson

(By Coach Nicole Oakes)

On the Lions cross country team the word “family” is used pretty regularly. Through intense practices with obstacles to overcome, fun games, and assigned partners to mentor, help and encourage; each year the team quickly bonds together to form a family that spreads from the athletes themselves to their parents and fans.

For the leaders on the Lion team the saying, “Run as one, work as a eeam, finish as a family,” is more than just a slogan on a T-shirt or the bond made among friends. It seems in each generation, the Alderton family has been making a splash in Clarion-Limestone sports, and their impact in 2020 on Lions cross country is no different.

The top three varsity boy runners this season for the Lions, include 2019 state qualifier Braden Rankin, his little brother Ty, and cousin Corbin Coulson. They have been leading the way to a nearly perfect season for the Lions, and all under the support and guidance of Coach Erin (Alderton) Hepfl. 

Adding to the numbers and new to the team this year on the Junior High side, are also Charlie Hepfl and Aiden Coulson.

(L-R) Ty Rankin, Braden Rankin, Coach Erin Hepfl, Aiden Coulson, Corbin Coulson, and Charlie Hepfl

The Alderton (Rankin, Coulson, Hepfl) Clan are all such loving, supportive, hardworking people that happen to be phenomenal athletes. We are grateful to have so many of them continuing to make a mark on the cross country team and representing Clarion-Limestone.

(L-R) Braden Rankin, Melissa (Alderton) Rankin, Ty Rankin, Coach Erin (Aldenton) Hepfl, Charlie Hepfl, Corbin Coulson, Emily (Alderton) Coulson, and Aiden Coulson

(Thanks to Coach Oakes for this article and Diane Lutz for the images. Congratulations to the Alderton (Rankin, Coulson, Hepfl) Clan and all of the C-L Lions Cross Country Team on your success!!!!)