Bobcat Wrestlers Honored At Team Picnic

(Above photo by Elizabeth Beal) Varsity: freshman Josh Beal (Best First Year, Scholar/Athlete Award), freshman Brock Champluvier, sophomore Logan Edmonds (Dave Weible Hustle Award), sophomore Chesney Boggess (Coaches Award), senior Cutter Boggess (Most Valuable Wrestler Award), junior Caleb Edmonds, junior Breckin Rex, junior Isiah Byers, sophomore Ashton Rex (Most Improved), senior Zack Keihl. Missing: sophomore Ben Rearick, junior Kaoz Baker, senior Peyton Means (Leadership Award)

(By Bobcats Head Wrestling Coach Lee Weber)

Our varsity wrestling team held an awards picnic out at County Park last week.  Even though this year’s team did not do well with the wins and losses, the foundation is strong.  We have 14 wrestlers on the roster but, unfortunately, could fill only 6 or 7 weight classes.  Most of our team were 145 lb or greater.  Our team is young and a little behind technically but we (myself and Coach Sintobin) will do everything we can to get them caught up in the summer and fall seasons.  Right now, Coach Deloia from Clarion University is training some of our wrestlers Freestyle/Greco techniques on Monday and Wednesday at M&B 6-7:30 PM til June.

The Junior High team, coached by Braun Gourley, Brock Zacherl, and Randy Cathcart had a nice season.  They went 6-4 but only lost to one local team.  The other 3 losses were in a very tough BEA dual tournament.  Some of these lighter weights will fill in nicely with our varsity team next year. 

(Photo by Holly Gourley) Junior High: (L-R): Row 1 – Logan Powell 8, Kaden Ferguson 9, Jacob Naser 7, Hayden Weber 7 Row 2 – Braylon Beckwith 8, Zane VanTassel 8, Holden Sparks 9, Jacob Henry 7, Mason Gourley 8, Hayden Hindman 7 Row 3 – Coach Zacherl and Coach Gourley Missing: Seth Weckerly 9, Dylan Albertine 7, Sebastian Burkhart 8

Again, all Junior High and Varsity wrestlers are welcome to attend spring wrestling at M&B!  It takes more than weight lifting to be a great wrestler!  Skill, determination, and GRIT are the characteristics that are necessary to be successful in wrestling!  How mentally tough are you?  Will you waste another opportunity?  Summer wrestling information (training and camps) will be provided in later May. 

Great wrestlers are not great because of their technique and strength, they are great because of their PASSION!  Have a plan and wake up excited about working the plan! 

(Thanks to Coach Weber for this article and to Elizabeth Beal and Holly Gourley for their photos. Keep up the hard work, Bobcats!!!!)