Track And Field: North Clarion Sweeps Sheffield

The North Clarion Boys’ and Girls’ Track and Field Teams traveled to Sheffield on Monday (April 26th) and both came away with victories over the Wolverines. The Wolves won the boys’ meet 74-67 and the She-Wolves were victorious by an 88-59 score.

Boys: North Clarion 74 – Sheffield 67

Gavin Hoover was a triple winner, recording wins in the 1600 and 3200, while also combining with Aiden Thomas, Kaine McFarland and Patrick Young on the victorious 3200 relay. Dawson Hotchkiss also was a triple winner, with a victory in the 200, joining Owen Shaffer, Seth Weckerly and Gus Trougott on the victorious 1600 relay and teaming with Trougott, Allen Johnston and Noah Naser on the winning 400 relay.

McFarland and Young were double winners, with young also capturing the 400 and McFarland winning the 800.

Picking up second place finishes for the Wolves were: Hotchkiss in the 100, McFarland in the 1600 and 3200, Hotchkiss in the 100, Johnston in the 200 and the long jump, Shaffer in the triple jump and high jump, Schill in the shot put and Young in the discus.

Third place finishers for the Wolves included: Thomas in the 300 hurdles, Evans in the 800, Custeer in the 3200, Weckerly in the triple jump, Naser in the shot put and Young in the javelin.

Girls: North Clarion 88 – Sheffield 59

Evelyn Lerch and Trinity Thompson were triple winners for the She-Wolves. Lerch won the 100 and 200 and joined Thompson, Brynn Siegel and Kayla Aaron on the victorious 3200 relay. Thompson won the 400 and joined Bella Scott, Jordan Hendrickson and Rachel Bower on the winning 1600 relay.

Scott, Bauer and Siegel were double winners, with Scott also winning the 1600, Bauer winning the 800 and Siegel winning the 3200. Rebekah Ketner won the shot put and Abby Fredrick claimed the 300 hurdles

Second place winners for the She-Wolves were: Frederick in the 100 hurdles, Bauer in the 1600, Hendrickson in the 400, Culp in the 300 hurdles, Scott in the 800, Aaron in the 3200, Schmader in the triple jump, DiDolce in the discus and McCaslin in the javelin.

Picking up third place finishes for the She-Wolves were: Culp in the 100 hurdles, Sherbine in the 100, Aaron in the 1600, Hendrickson in the 800, McCaslin in the long jump, Wilshire in the triple jump, DiDolce in the shot put and Ketner in the discus.

(Great meet, Wolves and She-Wolves!!!!)