Bonnie Wolbert – District Nine Sports Icon… Or As She Would Say “I’m Just Bonnie”

(Photos submitted) Above: Bonnie with Scenic Rivers Association – YMCA “Sportsmanship I” Sportsperson of the Year Award

“I, humbly, send you this information for the article you wish to write.” Those words at the beginning of an email, I received this week, are confirmation that maybe as much as two years of prodding (as the saying goes, “like trying to pull teeth”) are finally coming to an end.

The email was from Bonnie Wolbert, North Clarion’s Athletic Director and . . .

I, along with a number of others, will fill in some of those ellipses points by the end of this article, the purpose of which is to highlight a career of selfless service to the kids of North Clarion, District Nine and around the whole state of Pennsylvania. I’m sure that when some who have contributed to this article, sharing about their interactions with Bonnie and what Bonnie has meant to them, read others’ comments, they’ll think as I did, “I didn’t realize she did all that.” And I’m sure that readers who have seen Bonnie at various events will echo that.

As I mentioned, it has been about two years getting getting Bonnie to meet with me or send something. Part of the reason is as I have come to realize, is Bonnie maybe really was too busy, with so much on her plate. But I kind of suspect there is another reason and it is summed up in the second word of the aforementioned email; Bonnie won’t toot her own horn. But hers is definitely a story that needs told and we’ll do a little horn tooting for Bonnie.

An alumnus of North Clarion High School, Bonnie holds a Bachelor of Education degree (Secondary Education-English) from Clarion State College. She taught at the school for thirty-four years and was the Cheerleading Advisor for thirty years.

In a wonderful display of patriotism, Bonnie, for a number of years, has sung and led the National Anthem at North Clarion’s and other District Nine sporting events, something she takes great pleasure in doing.

She shared about how that all came about. “I’ve always loved to sing.  It helps when you’re not that athletic.  You perform in musicals, sing at weddings, or just sing for fun.  After graduating college, I belonged to a group called the North Clarion Players who performed every summer at the Verna Leith Sawmill Theatre in Cook Forest.  Hello Dolly, The Sound of Music, Oklahoma, Into the Woods, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, The Music Man, Guys and Dolls, and more.  What fun!!!   

Bonnie sings and leads the National Anthem at North Clarion’s and other sports events throughout District Nine.

“Then a question came to me one night after pushing the play button at the start of all the basketball and volleyball games. Why am I having people listen to a recording of the National Anthem?  What happens if the tape doesn’t work?  Well, I guess I’ll just sing it myself.  What happens if the microphone doesn’t work?  I’ll have the crowd sing it with me!  And the rest is history! 

“To this day, I still get chills when I hear the announcer at the PIAA state track championships say, “All available officials, please report to the infield for the singing of our National Anthem.

“OK, sir! I’m IN!! What a privilege!”

One of Bonnie’s biggest passions for her students, in this age of dwindling population in the area, is working on getting the getting North Clarion involved in co-ops with other schools.

Bonnie said, “It is getting more and more challenging for schools to host a sport without co-oping with at least one other school. I am proud to say I have been involved over the past 10 years with setting up co-op’s providing North Clarion student-athletes with many opportunities to participate in a variety of sports.

“North Clarion hosts boys’ and girls’ track and field and cross country for Forest Area and, most recently, Clarion Area students. Forest Area hosts boys’ golf, boys’ and girls’ soccer, softball, and just this past year baseball. Clarion Area provides a place for our athletes to play football and to wrestle. Before the co-op was formed with Clarion – – – ‘football’ was just something played in gym class or in someone’s backyard.

“Two of our boys have set records swimming for Brookville High School, and my girls have a place to play golf with Keystone if they wish. If North Clarion cannot host a sport, I will find a school within the PIAA boundaries who will, hopefully, allow us to co-op with them!”

Bonnie, with Coach Larry Wiser and National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame – Central Pennsylvania Chapter’s Scholar-Athlete Award winner Jordan McCord-Wolbert

Bonnie has been a longtime member of the Keystone Shortway Athletic Conference (KSAC) Committee and is on the District Nine Football League Committee. She is the statistician for both entities. In this capacity with both, she provides vital information to media, such as schedules and All-Conference/All-League information etc.

In fact, Bonnie helped create/organize the D9 Football League. She was part of a group that took two years to develop a plan to consolidate the KSAC, the Allegheny Mountain League (AML) and the Northern Tier into the new league. She has been an officer on the Executive Committee since the league’s inception.

Among other duties, Bonnie’s involvement with District Nine includes being a committee member, Chairperson of the Competitive Spirit Committee and Sportsmanship Chairperson. She is the Vice President of the District Nine Athletic Directors’ Association. Bonnie has run the Pole Vault at the District Track and Field Meet for a number of years and run the Cross Country Championships.

Bonnie has been a Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) Certified Track and Field Official since 1983 and has judged the Pole Vault at the State Championships every year since ’83. She is currently the Head Pole Vault Judge. She is a recipient of the Most Outstanding Female Track and Field Official Award and has been the PIAA’s District Nine Female Officials’ Representative since 2011.

Bonnie was the 2018 recipient of the Scenic Rivers Association – YMCA “Sportsmanship I” Sportsperson of the Year Award.

What keeps Bonnie going strong, after all these years? “My friends keep asking me why I keep working. My answer is simple. I have met so many wonderful, inspiring people through my involvement with teaching and with sports.

“I have made lifelong friends who have shared my excitement and accomplishments and yet have been there for me through challenging times and loss.

“This year I attended the wedding of a former North Clarion basketball player and one of my former cheerleaders. The reception was filled with alumni I hadn’t seen in years. My heart was over-flowing with memories of just how wonderful the students, staff, and their families at North Clarion were and still are.

“Sadly, I also shared their pain more than once this past month when we lost three of our fellow alumni. Again, there were people in attendance like North Clarion’s D9 Championship Basketball Coaches from the 80’s, Scott Barton and Mike Shirey, who made the trip from Florida and Michigan, respectively. It’s that kind of caring that keeps me wanting to stay involved.”

Bonnie also mentioned that she “enjoys spending precious time with her brother Roger and sister Debbie Wilson and her husband Mike, and her two nephews and their families. Traveling in the summertime is always a ‘BONUS.’ “

Well, I’m going to step back and let some of Bonnie’s finest friends and fans share their thoughts.

(Bonnie, enjoy yourself as you bask in the warmth of this BIG “FAMILY” group hug.)

Deb Wolbert Wilson (Bonnie’s sister):

Bonnie is definitely one of a kind.  She would give you the shirt off her back or a kick in the butt depending on which you deserve.  I am so fortunate to call her my sister.  Bonnie has two families.  She is a great sister, aunt and great-aunt.  Family functions are always a little more interesting after Aunt Bonnie arrives with her presents!  

She also has her “North Clarion” family, which has expanded to the PIAA.  Bonnie loves the kids she works with like they are her own. 

We are so proud of her accomplishments and respect the dedication she has for the athletic community. 

We love her to the moon and back!

North Clarion Principal Ed Baumcratz (former North Clarion athlete and Basketball Coach at North Clarion and Clarion):

Bonnie has been a staple at North Clarion for a very long time. For the past 44 years she has made North Clarion students her life’s work. Thirty-four years were spent in the classroom and ten and counting as the athletic director. Hired in 1977 as an English teacher, she stressed the importance of proper grammar to junior high students. In addition to teaching, she was also the cheerleading advisor for years.

Everyone here still looks to Bonnie as a mentor and an advisor for professional or even personal matters. If you ask her, North Clarion is her heart & her family and she wouldn’t want it any other way. Bonnie has thousands of students that she treated as if they were her own. 

Ms. Wolbert does have a following of people that enjoy hearing her sing the National Anthem, from media members, opposing coaches and officials. I’m not sure when that started exactly, but if you attend a basketball game on a cold January night, there’s a good chance she’ll be on that mic to sing. She preaches sportsmanship and doing the right thing in all situations. As a veteran athletic director, she has mentored and shown the ropes to so many new ADs. Currently Bonnie sits on the District IX Committee (as the female officials representative), and helps make critical decisions for the better of all of our local athletes. 

I personally owe her a lot of gratitude as to where I am today as the high school principal. Her guidance has been a tremendous help through a lot of tough situations and I am ever grateful for that. This is something I do not think I can ever repay her for.

Bonnie with Norb Baschnagel, Ed Baumcratz and young North Clarion Basketball players at Sportsmanship 1.

North Clarion Health / Phys Ed Teacher and Boys Track Coach Andy Bish:

You would be hard pressed to find someone that is involved with sports in District IX that does not know Bonnie Wolbert.  She has been a staple in district IX for many years, whether it is at her home school of North Clarion, singing the National Anthem, officiating a cross country or track meet, or working playoff games for numerous sports.  She does so much work behind the scenes for all of District IX that so many times goes unnoticed and without appreciation. 

The reason that she does all of this is a very simple answer….it’s all about the kids.  Everything that she does is so that the kids can have the best possible experience and that is what means the most to her. 

She has one of the biggest hearts that I have ever known and is very deserving to receive recognition for all that she has done for District IX. 

I am grateful to call her my athletic director and friend and she is very deserving to be recognized for all of the effort and hard work that she has put in over the years.

North Clarion English Teacher and Girls’ Track Coach Doug Jackson:

Bonnie has been so supportive of her athletes and coaches. She’s dedicated, but it goes far beyond that. To Bonnie, NC is her family. Thus, most of the time, I don’t call Bonnie by name; I call her mom. 

Jeff and Jane Minich (Parents of North Clarion athletes; Jane is a North Clarion graduate):

Bonnie’s dedication to school athletics is amazing, particularly how she cares about the students.  Seeing her at every event provided a certain comfort. And her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was always spot on. You could always count on Bonnie for keeping order at the games. Getting “that look” from Bonnie for being too rowdy at the game was a sure sign you better straighten up!  And there’s also the endearing way she’d stand right next to the student cheering section to share in their enthusiasm.    

Bonnie endured subfreezing temperatures for her part in the 2017 District Nine Class-AA Championship Game. She was so excited and you could see the pride on her face when the Bobcats including our North Clarion players won the championship.”

Jerry and Gretchen McCord Wolbert (Parents of North Clarion athletes; Jerry is a North Clarion graduate):

Bonnie is truly dedicated to North Clarion, its students, alumni and the community. Bonnie bleeds purple and gold! She attends not only every athletic event she can, but supports the kids in many other school activities such as musicals and plays. She truly tries to make a positive difference for all of our students and their families, as well as for the kids/families from all of the schools involved with PIAA.  

But she definitely has a soft spot for “her kids” from North Clarion. We appreciate all that she did to help our North Clarion kids to combine with Clarion Area and eventually Clarion-Limestone to form the Wildcats….our boys loved playing and know how much she cared about and supported them. We are really grateful to her for all that she has done and continues to do for all of our kids.

Thank you Bonnie!

Tim Mills another former North Clarion student and North Clarion parent:

I just think that she’s a great woman who has good ethics and loves our school and all the kids.

Clarion Area School District Superintendent Joe Carrico:

I have had the privilege of working with Bonnie since my days at West Forest in the late 1990’s.  She has always been a passionate advocate for her student athletes and for North Clarion!  She has been a wonderful asset not only to her district and students but for athletics in our conference, district and state. I think the world of Bonnie

Recently Retired Clarion Area and Central Clarion Football Coach Larry Wiser:

I am going to use a football analogy to describe Bonnie. She is the nose guard in a 3/4 defense. She is double teamed, tripled teamed, and she still is the glue that holds the Team together.

Bonnie played a major role to help usher in the football cooperative between North Clarion and Clarion. She has been a coach, official, teacher, athletic director and in many ways the biggest cheerleader for her students. I have been very fortunate to have Bonnie as a friend. 

Thank you Dave for doing this article about a young lady the deserves many accolades for all that she has done for sports in District 9.

District Nine Chairman and Elk County Catholic Boys Basketball Coach Aaron Straub:

I have had the pleasure to serve on the District IX Committee with Bonnie for many years. Bonnie is an outstanding committee member and represents the female officials in District IX very well. 

Bonnie is one of the most recognized individuals throughout the District. You may see her running an event at her own school, serving as the game manager at a PIAA District or State event, serving as a PIAA official at a Track & Field meet, or singing the National Anthem at a sporting event. Regardless of the event or her position at the event, you can bet she is conducting business with a smile and completing the task in a professional manner. When Bonnie is in charge it is done with class, dignity, and respect for all.

Sportsmanship, fair play, and honest competition are all very real and dear to Bonnie. She is the Sportsmanship chairperson for District IX and serves on a state committee for sportsmanship. If you know Bonnie you know how much she values integrity and sportsmanship. 

District Nine Secretary/Treasurer Bob Tonkin:

(Bonnie) has run many District 9 championship events.  The events she runs are always very well organized and run.

As D9 treasurer I receive game reports from all the D9 championship events.  Bonnie’s reports are always reported correctly and without mistakes.

Bonnie has served as the North Clarion AD for 10 years and has done a “great” job.

Bonnie has always put student/athletes at the top of her priorities.  Followed by North Clarion, KSAC, District 9, and the PIAA. (not sure of order of importance!)

Over the years I have known Bonnie, she has always been a great friend and always available and willing to help were needed.”

Bonnie, PIAA Official for decades

PIAA Chief Operating Officer Mark Byers: (By-law interpretation, coaches association, marketing/sponsorships, sportsmanship, Golf, Cross Country, Soccer, Team Wrestling, Wrestling, Basketball, Track/Field and Baseball Championships):

I think that collectively, we (the PIAA) have the utmost respect for Bonnie. She is a leader in every aspect and every position that she chooses to occupy.

She is our Female Officials Representative for District Nine, Sportsmanship Chair and a Championship official.   

I think what makes Bonnie so unique is that she not only serves in an administrative position within a school, and has done for years, but in each one of those positions, she’s had a great deal of success. And certainly, she’s just gotten better over the course of those years, certainly hasn’t dropped off and has continually improved herself and looks to maintain the highest integrity.      

My initial reaction is probably the best. When you mention her name, I just blurt it out, she’s the best. I think everybody probably mirrors the same thing.     

She’s a special woman.

Bobbie Freeman – Math and Learning Support Teacher at Clarion-Limestone/PIAA Official (All-Time Leading Scorer for Clarion Area Lady Cats Basketball):       

I have known Bonnie Wolbert for almost 30 years. I first met Bonnie when I played basketball and volleyball for Clarion High School in the early 90’s. I reconnected with Bonnie when I walked into her office at North Clarion High School several years ago to take the basketball test to become a PIAA official. Ever since becoming a PIAA official for both basketball and volleyball, our relationship has blossomed into a friendship.      

I have so much respect and love for Bonnie for all she does with the student athletes, PIAA, KSAC, and District 9. It is great to have Bonnie represent female officials for District 9.     

Bonnie is very dedicated to all she does. If you ever drive by North Clarion High School, you will most likely see her car there at all hours.       

It was great to see her honored in 2018 when she was named Clarion County YMCA Sportsperson of the Year in Western Pennsylvania.     

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bonnie for always welcoming, encouraging, and supporting me as a female official. I will always be grateful for our friendship and treasure the conversations we’ve had and will continue to have in the future.         

Love you Bon Bon!             

Bobbie Freeman talking with Addison Si and Bonnie assuming her usual position behind the clock and running the show!

Oil City Derrick and Franklin News Herald Sports Editor Ed Brannon:

Bonnie is so deserving of an article.  

Without a doubt, Bonnie’s one of the most dedicated athletic directors that I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with during my 30-plus years at The Derrick and The News-Herald. She seems to always be on the job — whether it’s in her office long after school hours, at a field or in a gymnasium. And her rendition of the national anthem — which she performs often at various sporting events — well, is simply worth the price of admission.

I don’t think there’s ever be an instance when I’ve called Bonnie with a question that she hasn’t picked up the phone or called back. And — more often than not — she has the answer. And if she doesn’t have the answer, she goes out of her way to find it.

In our profession, where communication is so vitally important, her role does not go unappreciated. There have been ADs who are the polar opposites of Bonnie, and trust me, it can be as painfully exasperating.

Bonnie was never more on top of her game or more valuable to our newspaper than during the pandemic year of 2020 when everybody was scrambling to make sense of an uncertain world. Schedules that were changing  constantly — not just daily, but hourly. When I asked her how we could possibly keep up with all the changes, she tracked down schedules for every fall sport from every KSAC school and sent it out to various media outlets. Granted, even though changes would still be forthcoming, we at least had a master list to work from and move games around as they were cancelled or rescheduled, thus keeping our readers (and potential spectators) as “up-to-date” as possible.

For as diligent and dedicated as she is as an athletic director, I feel Bonnie’s most enduring quality is her upbeat attitude and undying devotion to the student-athletes. She always has their best interests at heart.

Bonnie is a perfect example of what an athletic director should be and a beacon of light for our young athletes, not only at North Clarion, but throughout the Keystone Shortway Athletic Conference and the entire District 9.

Longtime play-by-play announcer Mike Kalinowski (formerly at C-93, now with EYT Media):

Having been around local sports for over 30 years, I could not imagine a sports season without Bonnie Wolbert. Bonnie is like the “mom” of the KSAC. From her beautiful singing of the National Anthem to her never-ending service to the student athletes of North Clarion, the KSAC, and District 9, Bonnie always goes above and beyond in her duties as an athletic director or game manager.

As a broadcaster, it is reassuring when you are broadcasting a game when Bonnie is in charge. You know that you will be well taken care of and the broadcast will go smoothly.

Bonnie is a “one in a million lady”, and we are so lucky to have her in our league and district.

Longtime Union Girls and Boys Varsity Basketball Coach and PIAA Official Karen Davis:

Bonnie, she’s just a Super Star, and that’s just it in words. She’s just very dedicated, very dependable. You always know she’s got your back, as a referee, as a coach. Whenever I coached up there (at North Clarion), even though I was from the opponent school, she still made you feel very comfortable when you were there.

And with the kids, I mean, that woman, you could just tell the love in her heart for the kids. And that’s not just her kids, at her school… everybody. So welcoming, just so loving. I know Bonnie has never had any children. But I’ll tell you what, she’s seen a lot of children go through that school and grow up to be young ladies and young men.

She should be very proud of herself; she had a little piece in all of that. Because as a parent, I know that as your child grows up, if they do something great, they achieve what they want to achieve, it is just such a heartfelt emotion. Bonnie should have that.  She might think she shouldn’t; she definitely should.

She’s a mother, she is a mother. She is such a sweet lady.

She’s sweet, but I’m telling you, she demands discipline. She runs the show. To me I love that. I love somebody who comes in, somebody who’s not wishy-washy, that you can’t get a straight answer from. She’ll give you a straight answer. You may not like it all the time, but she will give you a straight answer. I, myself, I personally like that.

She’s our (District Nine) Women’s Representative, on the referee end. She’s the one that does the talking for us, does the fighting for us. It’s been nice having her as our Women’s Representative.

It has been a joy to get to know Bonnie over the years. I’ve coached for over twenty-eight years, been refereeing now for almost ten years; and she is such a great person. I’m glad to call her my friend. co-founder – Chris Rossetti (former Clarion News Sports Editor and former part-owner of

I have known Bonnie Wolbert for over 20 years. She is one of the nicest persons you will ever meet. She is hardworking and dedicated and most importantly she is all about the kids. Sometimes we all lose focus on what this is truly about, the kids, but Bonnie rarely does. She also loves North Clarion. She is Ms. North Clarion. I joke with her that she should be buried under the pitcher’s mound someday (but not anytime soon). 

But really would anything be more fitting. Her life has been dedicated to that school for longer than anyone can remember! And her singing the National Anthem. She is our local version of Jeff Jimerson (the long-time, frequent Pittsburgh Penguins Anthem singer).

I could go on and on.

She is truly a special person, a special lady, and I am honored to call her a friend.

Central Clarion Wildcats Head Coach Dave Eggleton:

Bonnie has been a key figure in District 9 athletics since I began coaching. She works tirelessly to promote our student athletes. She also has been a tremendous supporter of our football program. She always puts the interest of the kids above all else.

Longtime Karns City Athletic Director Tom Wagner:

I’m not sure if there is anything Bonnie doesn’t do that is not in the best interest of High school students.

I’ve known her as a cheerleading coach(adviser), Track Official, worked with her as an AD, and a District 9 Committee member.

I do believe that everyone finds a niche or something that they are genuinely interested in. I believe That Bonnie took The Sportsmanship piece of the PIAA to  the highest level. Whether or not I agreed with her, I knew her views were always in the best interest of Student Athletes.

Bonnie has worked the pole vault at the state meet forever. I sometimes think she gets more airtime on PCN that some of the athletes.

There probably isn’t anything that she doesn’t do at the District level. I even think we used her to sing the National Anthem.

I have nothing but the highest respect for her, not only is she a tremendous AD, she’s a better person!

Congratulations to Bonnie.

Clarion News Sports Editor Ryan Pugh:

Bonnie and I have clashed on a few occasions but there is no doubt she puts the kids first.”

She has always treated me with respect and she appreciates that I have a job to do which is all any member of the fourth estate can hope for.   

Clarion-Limestone Boys Basketball Coach Joe Ferguson:

I’m not sure that I have any outstanding stories, however, “consistency” may be the best testimonial.           

Literally, since I have been involved with North Clarion, in regard to Junior High and Varsity basketball, one of the first people to greet me at North Clarion was Bonnie. I share with all my teams the phrase, “Life is about relationships” all the time, and my relationship with Bonnie epitomizes that.          

Although the majority of times that I see Bonnie is on the basketball court, I would characterize our relationship as being very close, and she is a very good friend.         

Our encounters for years now have been with a hug. She always makes me and our team welcome and is as good a sportsman as there is. No matter, win or lose, her demeanor remains constant, and her goal is on the kids and seeing good sportsmanship and integrity on the court.           

All I can say is, the Lord has blessed me by knowing Bonnie, and I count her a valuable friend!           

Her consistency and dedication to the North Clarion school district is beyond admirable!          

Thank you Bonnie!

Bonnie at the mic at 2021 District 9 Competitive Cheer Championships

Union Athletic Director Scott Kindel:

Bonnie is one of the hardest working people I know, She has dedicated herself to a life of educating and enriching the lives of young adults.

When you think of North Clarion Bonnie is certainly a member of the core group of people at North Clarion, but even though she bleeds purple and gold, Bonnie has done so much to impact the lives of student-athletes across the KSAC and D9.

After doing this for 21 years my children have also had the opportunity to come in contact with many other Athletic Directors and both my kids view Bonnie as an Aunt who has had such a positive influence on their lives, every time they see her, it is an opportunity to get a hug from Bon!

2015 (Bonnie’s last year of teaching) North Clarion Graduate Ashton Obenrader-Douglas:

There is no one in this world that deserves this award more than Bonnie herself.

She was SO much more than an athletic director. She was a teacher, a role model, your biggest cheer leader, and your toughest critic. She made you want to better. A better student athlete, a better teammate, a better person, and a better friend. Ms. Wolbert always had your best interest in mind and truly does everything for ‘her kids’!

I am the middle sister, I tore my ACL the beginning of my junior year and then never reallly came back after that. Bonnie was always there with a shoulder to cry on after my injury as well, just proving that she is there for the students and not for the fame.

Even after graduating, she cheers her students on. From college, to engagements, weddings, and all the life milestones.

I consider myself a lucky one, that I had the privilege to have been taught and mentored by Bonnie Wolbert.

(Ashton, who was involved in basketball, volleyball and track and field, is Tyler, Mitch and Tori’s sister. Their mother Terri is the North Clarion Girls Basketball Assistant Coach)  

Keystone Basketball Coach Greg Heath:

I always looked forward to going to North Clarion because I knew Bonnie would be there to share kind words, a hug, and usually some laughs. She is a true leader who always puts kids first. She is a champion of sportsmanship and demands it from everyone involved in athletics, from kids, coaches, and fans. Bonnie represents and promotes all of the best elements of youth sports. I am proud to call her a friend.

Scott DiTullio A-C Valley Athletic Director and Band Director and Youth Sports Coach:

Bonnie Wolbert is a staple in the North Clarion School District and in our athletic communities of the KSAC and the PIAA. Bonnie has been the go to person for historical perspective on why we do the things we do in the KSAC and in the state. Listening to her to talk about athletics in any capacity, you quickly understand why we go to her for advice! As she took me under her wing when I became the A-CV AD, her knowledge and true teaching skills were evident. She is always teaching to help anyone she can to help them understand more of the athletic community.

Bonnie’s willingness to serve on many local and state commitees shows her true passion to always put all students first.  She is always willing to answer questions, take concerns to the next level, and most importanly help everyone she can to find success.  I’ve had the honor of working local basketball and cross country events with Bonnie. Through these experiences and conversations with Bonnie, her knowledge and understanding is evidence of why she is one of the leaders of our local sports communities. 

I look forward to many more of these events and many more hours of conversation to learn as much as possible from Bonnie. Her kindness and compassion is contagious!  Thank you Bonnie for all you do! Congratulations on such an amazing milestone!

She is amazing!!

Longtime Keystone Athletic Director Mark Whisner:

I got to know Bonnie when I was the Athletic Director at Keystone High School.  She is a hard worker who has been very dedicated to athletic programs.  Her goal has always been to promote the best interests of the student athletes.  

My wife, Debbie, and I have enjoyed working with Bonnie through District 9 athletic events for many years.  

She has a big heart, and has always been a pleasure to work with.

Dave: I’d like to close this article by saying it is an absolute pleasure knowing you, Bonnie! Your dedication, hard work and commitment to youth sports is appreciated by more folks than you will ever know. To paraphrase the character Harry Bailey from the film It’s a Wonderful Life: “Here’s to Bonnie Wolbert the Richest Lady In District Nine!”

(Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all who have contributed to this article!!!!)