Clarion Area Bobcat Wrestlers

(Images provided by Clarion Area Wrestling – Above: 2021-2022 Varsity wrestlers and Coaches [Wrestlers listed by Name, Weight, Grade, Record] Front (L-R): Coach Diaz, Logan Powell (106, 9th, 30-5), Caleb Edmonds (172, 12th, 20-10), Zane VanTassel (126, 9th, 0-0), Holden Sparks (145, 10th, 1-12), Seth Weckerly (120, 10th, 4-7) Missing: Chesney Boggess (172, 11th, 5-2). Back (L-R): Coach Weber, Breckin Rex (160, 12th, 20-11), Ashton Rex (152, 11th, 8-15), Logan Edmonds (215, 11th, 16-11), Josh Beal (250, 10th, 21-10), Mason Gourley (138/145, 9th, 24-9), Coach Slike, Coach LeFay.)

The 2021-2022 Clarion Area Bobcat Wrestling Banquet was held on Sunday, March 27th at the American Legion. The Wrestling Boosters provided the main course with everyone else chipping in.  There were approximately seventy-five in attendance to celebrate the Bobcat grapplers.  

(Clarion Area Head Coach Lee Weber shared his thoughts on the season, team and individual records, awards and highlights and special thank you’s.)

Thank you to Dr. Carrico, Mrs. Miller-Martini, and Mrs. Mills for their support in the past two seasons as we continue to improve our program. Thank you to Steve Seifert, our trainer, for his time and care of our wrestlers.  Thank you to Jon and Elizabeth Beal for scorekeeping and all the pictures that they provide for our wrestlers. Thank you to Dave McClaine for all the coverage he provided for our program. 

Thank you to our boosters for all the time and effort throughout the year (President Randy Boggess, Vice-president Rob Powell, Secretary David Smail, and Treasurer Jim Edmonds). 

Thank you to a great coaching staff from top to bottom (Mikey LeFay, Riley Gunter, Cam Slike, Brodie Zacherl, Braun Gourley, Chase Anklam, Ashby Diaz, Bryan Kiskadden, Kyle Cathcart, and Randy Cathcart)!

And lastly, thank you to the parents for their support of their kids and ultimately our program!  Without you supporting your kids physically and emotionally, they would not make it through wrestling season!  It is the most demanding high school sport, with only 4% of all high school students making it through a season of wrestling.  

Wrestling teaches hard work, self-improvement, sense of accomplishment, camaraderie of team, 1 on 1 aspect, and self-defense to name just a few of the benefits. These promote self-worth, respect and confidence.

In 2020-21 (Covid year), we were 0-7 in my first year back with the Bobcat wrestling program.  This year we are 10-10! 

We only had one winning wrestler, Cutter Boggess 10-4, on our very small team last season.  We filled only 7-8 weight classes in every match. 

This season, we had 7 winning records with 5 of our wrestlers with 20 or more wins!  They wanted to prove to themselves and others that smart, hard work will pay off!  Let’s keep it going in 22-23!!

Team Record: 10-10

District Runner-up:  Logan Powell 106. District Runner-up: Mason Gourley 145.

Most Outstanding Wrestler – Logan Powell.

Most Improved Wrestler – Breckin Rex.

Leadership Award – Caleb Powell. Hustle Award – Logan Powell.

Coaches’ Award – Mason Gourley.

Scholar/Athlete Award – Josh Beal.

Wrestling 2021-22 Banquet – Junior High Wrestlers and Coaches [Wrestlers listed by Name, Weight, Grade, Record] Front (L-R): Coach Diaz, Wyatt Aaron 86, 7th, 2-2; Brady Mckinley 122, 8th, 17-7; Ben Naser 138, 7th, 4-6; Kayden Edmonds 138,7th, 4-5; Coach Anklam. Back (L-R): Coach Gourley, Jacob Henry 132, 8th, 17-1; Hayden Weber 115, 8th, 11-3; Ethan Rex 145, 7th, 10-4; Jacob Naser 155, 8th, 6-2; Matt Alston 170, 9th, 12-5. (Missing): Jimmy Kerr 250, 9th, 8-4; Owen Green 190, 7th, 5-4.)

Junior High Team Record:  7-1

District Champion: Jacob Henry 130, Team Outstanding Wrestler.

District Runner-up: Matt Alston 170.

District Runner-up: Ethan Rex 145

District 3rd Place: Jimmy Kerr 250.

(Thank you to Coach Weber for this season summary and Clarion Area Wrestling for the images. Congratulations on a fine season, Bobcats!!!!)