Bobcats Softball Team Celebrates Their Seniors

(Above image by Clarion Area Softball: Coach Shofestall and the underclassmen welcomed the Seniors in style.)

(Images of players with parents by Maria Wilson)

(By Clarion Area Coach Dan Shofestall)

The Clarion Bobcats Softball 2022 Senior Night was a night of festivities and joy as we honored and celebrated with our six seniors and their families. Makenzie Aaron, Noel Anthony, Kylee Beers, Jordan Best, Kaylee Hiles and Payton Simko were all introduced in pre-game ceremonies before the May 18th game at Weaver Park against A-C Valley and a 9-5 win. 

(Ashley, Makenzie and Ben Aaron)

Each senior was awarded gifts from the Softball Booster Club while a Bio-Op of the seniors time as a Clarion Bobcat softball player and future plans were broadcast to the fans and families. 

(Bonnie, Noel and Rob Anthony)

It was a good evening for all and nice to see the seniors get a win on their final home game and to play as well as they did.

(Jackie, Kylee and Mike Beers)

Our seniors have been playing and practicing on this field since they were young girls playing Little League. Over the years they have left thousands of foot prints on the Weaver Park playing surface and it was nice to see that their last foot prints on that field were part of a winning effort with their teammates, coaches, families and fans. 

(Matt, Jordan and Melanie Best)

Through these past four years, they have experienced good times and hard times. Exhilarating wins and heart breaking-gut wrenching losses. They’ve played and practiced in beautiful weather, in the snow, in the rain and mud, windy dusty days and chilly dark evenings. But through it all they always kept coming back for more. The memories they created with their teammates and the contributions they made to Clarion Softball over the years were many. 

(Rich, Kaylee and Lori Hiles)

As their coach, I think I can speak for our entire team when I say, “We will truly miss them but also salute them as they move forward.” I think it’s important to remember all of the good things they taught us and the ever lasting memories we shared together. 

(November, Payton and Eric Simko)

After the game the Softball Boosters hosted a pizza party and cupcakes with MaKenzie, Noel, Kylee, Jordan, Kaylee, and Payton’s families, teammates, coaches. and friends in celebration of the big night.

(Clarion Sports Zone wishes Makenzie, Noel, Kylee, Jordan, Kaylee and Payton all the best in their future endeavours!!!!)

(Thanks to Coach Shofestall for the article and Clarion Softball and Maria Wilson for the pics!)