Wolves Boys Place First, Bobcats Fourth In Varsity Boys Race At Bradford Cross Country Invitational

The North Clarion Wolves and Clarion Area Bobcats competed at the Bradford Cross Country Invitational, on Saturday, September 17th, with the Wolves winning the Boys Varsity Crown and the Bobcats finishing fourth, in the nine team race.

North Clarion had 64 points, followed by Elk County Catholic with 70. Bradford was third with 84 points, one point ahead of Clarion, which had an 85.

Coudersport finished fifth with 87, Oswayo Valley had 148 points for sixth, Otto-Eldred was seventh with a 175, number eight Northern Potter finished with 190 and Smethport had 195 for ninth.

There were sixty-three runners in the Boys race.

Three area runners finished in the Top Ten. North Clarion’s Aiden Thomas was seventh with a time of 18:26. Clarion’s Hayden Weber was two seconds behind, at 18:28 for eighth and the Bobcats’ Jonas Wilshire finished tenth at 18:36.

The Top Ten looked like this: 1) Manny Diaz Bradford 15:52, 2) Kevin Sherry Coudersport 16:25, 3) Leo Paterniti Bradford 17:46, 4) Julian Funaki Elk County 17:50, 5) Andrew Coriaty Oswayo Valley 18:11, 6) Adam Straub Elk County 18:24, 7) Aiden Thomas North Clarion 18:26, 8) Hayden Weber Clarion 18:28, 9) Joseph Lehman Northern Potter 18:34, 10) Jonas Wilshire Clarion 18:36

Other Clarion and North Clarion runners included: Kaine McFarland North Clarion 18:39, Gabriel Fair North Clarion 18:39, Jackson Nicewonger North Clarion 19:10, Joshua Turner Clarion 19:24, Dane Sliker North Clarion 19:40, Brendan Bettwy Clarion 19:51, Ben Lambert Clarion 20:15, Caleb Turner Clarion 20:22, Nathan Frederick Clarion 21:13, Ben Aaron Clarion 21:38, Ky Clark Clarion 22:01, Owen Shaffer North Clarion 23:01, Jack Pappas North Clarion 23:38.

There were thirty-five runners in the Varsity Girls race.

North Clarion had two runners in the Top Ten. Katie Bauer was sixth with a time of 22:46 and Nicole Fair was eighth, covering the course in 23:31.

The Top ten included: 1) Grace Neubert Elk County 20:07, 2) Sophia Bille Elk County 20:31, 3) Gianna Bille Elk County 20:33, 4) Caitlyn Taylor Bradford 21:04, 5) Rebecca Martin Northern Potter 21:54, 6) Katie Bauer North Clarion 22:46, 7) Leila Bines Bradford 22:51, 8) Nicole Fair North Clarion 23:31, 9) Julia Rosenwie Otto Eldred 23:49, 10) Elisa Hayden Bradford 23:52.

Kaylee Castner also competed for North Clarion, running a 25:54.

Three teams were competed for the Team title, with Bradford Area finishing first, with 21points, Smethport was second 47 points and Otto-Eldred was third with 55 points.

Forty-four runners took part in the Middle School Boys race, with five teams competing for the Team title.

Bradford was first with 32 points, Smethport was second with 69, Otto-Eldred finished third with 75 points, North Clarion had 80 for fourth place and Clarion was fifth with 81 points.

Dean Sliker from North Clarion was the top local runner, finishing fifth in 10:10. Clarion’s Chris Kim finished sixth with a time of 10:24.

The Top Ten include: 1) Evan Troisi Bradford 9:44, 2) Kayden Tessena Bradford 10:04, 3) Bryce Manns Coudersport 10:10, 4) Dean Sliker North Clarion 10:10, 5) Isaac Bailey Smethport 10:16, 6) Chris Kim Clarion 10:24, 7) Jay Volmer Elk County 10:25, 8) Evan Soto Bradford 10:26, 9) Maverick Smith Bradford 10:27, 10) Kameron Martin Northern Potter 10:29.

Others competing for Clarion and North Clarion included: Wyatt Aaron Clarion 10:45, Anthony Bartley Clarion 10:48, Michael Swanson North Clarion 11:16, Quinton Mellon North Clarion 11:46, Cory Esquivel North Clarion 12:38, Konner Burkhardt North Clarion 12:59, Martin Ormeno Clarion 14:04, Michael Troese Clarion 15:15 41.

There were 35 runners and three teams in the Middle School Girls race.

Bradford finished first with 29 points, North Clarion finished second with 36 points and Clarion was third at 65.

Three runners from North Clarion and one from Clarion finished in the Top Ten. North Clarion’s Abbie Hastings finished third in 11:41. Madison Schill ran an 11:51, to finish sixth for Clarion. Evalyn Carroll ran an 11:57 and Adeline Best ran a 12:02 to finish eighth and tenth respectively for North Clarion.

The Top Ten included: 1) Kendyl Cruz Bradford 10:57, 2) Jaylin Jividen Smethport 11:36, 3) Abbie Hastings North Clarion 11:41, 4) Maddy McKean Smethport 11:46, 5) Irelyn Rounsville Otto Eldred 11:48, 6) Madison Schill Clarion 11:51, 7) Brianna Haven Bradford 11:53, 8) Evalyn Carroll North Clarion 11:57, 9) Anna Benedict Bradford 12:01, 10) Adeline Best North Clarion 12:02.

Other North Clarion and Clarion runners included: Grace Carroll North Clarion 12:06, Sarah Deitz North Clarion 14:34, Kaylee Mahle Clarion 15:02, Kara Wilson Clarion 15:32, Ashlyn Clark Clarion 16:21, Eve Gilmore Clarion 16:32, Juliet Diehl Clarion 16:55, Alivia Friedline North Clarion 19:43.

(Good Work Runners!!!!)

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