Seniors Win Peach Fuzz Volleyball Tournament (05/04/14)

In a spring counterpart to the “Powder Puff” Football Games, the Clarion Area Junior and Senior boys competed in the “Peach Fuzz” Volleyball Tournament on Thursday, May 1st.

Each Class had two teams competing in the event, coordinated by Miss Bevevino.

The Championship Final featured a Senior Team consisting of: John Katis Damien Slike Joao Gubolin, Ellis Painter, Zach Miller and Nathan McNamara and a Junior Squad with members: Ethan Straffin, Destin Strauser, Matt Wagner, Thomas Plummer, Tyler Allen and Derek Lauer.

The Seniors won 2-0.

The other Senior Team included: Matte Verrne, Ronnie Eustice, Ryley Gunter, Cody Hearst, Ben Babbington and Levi Tack and the other Junior Team consisted of: Brady Raybuck, Zach Hill, Jacob Troutman and Liam Raehsler.

Members of the Varsity Volleyball Team helped with the event.

(Thanks to Miss Bevevino, Brendan Miller and Callie Freenock for help with details for this article and thanks to Brendan for the photos.)