Bobcat Cross Country Brings Home The Traveling KSAC Trophy (19/22/17)

(By Coach Keith Murtha)

It was a beautiful day in Knox on Thursday (October 19th) and it turned out to be historic for the Bobcats at the KSAC Championships hosted by Keystone.

(Photos by Christie Datko) 2017 KSAC Champs Jacob Smith, Noah Schill, Nathaniel Lerch, Frank Weber, Dan Ketner, Nick Schill, Alex Cussins, Don Cunningham and Nate Datko

Clarion finished the day with 2 new course record for Nathaniel and Eva Lerch, who were also individual champions.  Clarion finished with 9 medalist overall.  The boys varsity team finishes the season undefeated and KSAC Champions.  Clarion took 5 of the 10 medal spots for the championship including Nathaniel 1st, Nick Schill 5th, Daniel Ketner 6th, Noah Schill 7th, and Frankie Weber 8th.  “The pack ran an amazing race today, and Senior Frankie Weber came up big as the fifth man placing 8th, similar to the popular running movie McFarland!  Clarion brought home the traveling team trophy which has resided at powerhouse Cranberry for the last 8 years!

Katie Craig had a good showing , finishing 6th overall against a strong Cranberry team who went on to capture the team title and looks to be strong contenders at Districts this weekend in Ridgway.

Girls’ medalists Katie Craig sixth from left

In Junior high action,  Eva Lerch and Bella Scott medaled and the team finished third in a very tightly contested race between North Clarion, Cranberry and Clarion.  Grace Adams, Abi Frederick and Grace Schmader completed the scoring team for the Bobcats finishing 15th, 18th and 21st.

In the surprise of the day, the junior boys, really stepped up and finished 2nd led by Gavin Hoover who placed 2nd.Keagan Phillips, Baille Verdill, Josh Witherow and Haven LeFay completed the scoring team finishing 12th, 15th 21st and 27th. Powerhouse Cranberry was your champion.

Five of ten medalists were Bobcats with Nathaniel Lerch winning the championship and setting the course record!

The KSAC really shined today with so many running their best of the season an extremely challenging course!  The KSAC appears ready for the upcoming Districts Saturday (October 28th)!

(Thanks to Coach Murtha for this article and to Christie Datko for the photos. GREAT WORK, CATS!!!!)

*Two more photos below KSAC Medal Winner listings



2017 KSAC Cross Country Invitational Medal Winners

Keystone High School

October 19, 2017


  1. Nathaniel Lerch. Clarion Area. 18:34.4 (new course record)
    2. Dawson Steele. Keystone. 18:59.0
    3. Daniel Fisher  Cranberry 19:02.1
    4. Logan Johnson. Cranberry 19:12.8
    5. Nick Schill. Clarion Area. 19:15.4
    6. Daniel Ketner. Clarion Area. 19:39.2
    7. Noah Schill. Clarion Area. 19:39.6
    8. Frankie Weber Clarion Area. 19:41.0
    9. Andrew Forrest. Clarion-Limestone 19:48.3
    10. Hunter O’Neil. Cranberry. 19:49.6

Girls’ Varsity

  1. Rebecca Pennington. Karns City. 20:50.6 (new course record)
    2. Tifany Berry. Cranberry. 22:22.3
    3. Kalynne Ziegler. Cranberry. 23:02.1
    4. Lauren Varsek. Cranberry. 23:16.0
    5. Chelsea McKissick. Cranberry. 23:29.2
    6. Katie Craig. Clarion Area. 23:36.4
    7. Rachel Bauer. North Clarion. 23:41.2
    8. Taylor Geer. Keystone. 23:45.2
    9. Addison Shaftic. North Clarion. 23:47.5
    10. Miranda Beichner. Cranberry. 24:06.2



 Jr. High Boys’ Medal Winners                                            Jr. High Girls’ Medal Winners                                

  1. Matt Woolcock. Cranberry 10:57.4 (Course Record)        1. Evalyn Lerch. Clarion Area. 12:19.7 (Course Record)
    2. Gavin Hoover. Clarion Area. 11:51.5                                               2. Jessica McCracken. Clarion-Limestone 13:11.5
    3. Christian Miller. Cranberry. 12:00.9                                                 3.  Bella Scott. Clarion Area. 13:19.4
    4. Sylas Fox. Cranberry 12:09.2                                                          4.  Ashlyn Shultz. Cranberry. 13:34.0
    5. Braden Custer. North Clarion. 12:10.8                                            5. Sara Weiland. Karns City. 13:47.4


       CRANBERRY AREA – 22 Team pts.                                                     NORTH CLARION – 49 Team pts.

(Thanks to KSAC Statistician Bonnie Wolbert for listing of meet results.)

The Bobcats lone senior Frank Weber and his parents showing off the KSAC plaque and his 8th place medal!

Junior High KSAC medalists: Bobcats Gavin Hoover (2nd), Bella Scott (3rd), and Evelyn Lerch (1st)