Clarion Bobcat Football Holds Lift-A-Thon (06/11/19)

(Above photo) Coach Doug Knepp spotting lifter on the bench.

The Clarion Area Football Team held a Lift-A-Thon on Saturday, June 1st, with nine lifters participating.

One of the participants performing a deadlift

The lifters performed the three power lifts, squat, bench press and deadlift, with each lifter getting three attempts on each. The best successful attempt for each lift counted toward the total.

The lifters had sponsors who could pledge either a fixed amount or a pledge per pound lifted. Several purposes of the Lift-A-Thon listed in the flyer: “to emphasize the importance of our off-season workouts and to provide support for our football co-op team expenses of summer camp, new weight room equipment, attending lifting competition and provide other opportunities for our athletes.”

Mike Ferguson (foreground) and Lee Weber spotting on a squat attempt.

There were six lifters totaling 1,000 pounds or more. Camden Boggess had the top total at 1,250. Jim Gunning had the second highest total, barely missing 1,200 with an 1,180. Others at 1,000 or more were: Justin Goodman, Ben Smith, Edgar Bustamante and Mitch Knepp.

Others participating were Gabriel Beach, Holden Sparks and Jase Ferguson.

The meet was organized by Clarion assistant coach (former C-L head coach) Dave Eggleton. Spotters included Doug Knepp, Mike Ferguson, Lee Weber and Will Craddock. The coaches plan one making this an annual event.

Following are the results:

Jase Ferguson (7th grade): squat-150, bench-115, deadlift-160, total-425

Gabriel Beach (11th grade): squat -135, bench-95, deadlift-205, total-435

Holden Sparks (7th grade): squat-205, bench-130, deadlift-265, total-600

Mitch Knepp (11th grade): squat-350, bench-215, deadlift-435, total-1,000

Edgar Bustamante (12th grade): squat-375, bench-295, deadlift-425, total-1,095

Ben Smith (11th grade): squat-425, bench-245, deadlift-440, total-1,110

Justin Goodman (12th grade): squat-410, bench-270, deadlift-465, total 1,145

Jim Gunning (12th grade): squat-410, bench-270, deadlift-500, total-1,180

Camden Boggess (12th grade): squat-425, bench-275, deadlift-550, total 1,250

(Congratulations on some good lifting, guys!!!! Good job, coaches!!!!)