Former Bobcat Football And Baseball Standout, Corbin Ragley New Member Of Northern Regional Police Department (07/03/20)

(All photos submitted or taken from Facebook) Above: New Officers Alexis Korol, Kurt Gilkinson, Kori Phillips, Corbin Ragley, and Eric Bauman being sworn in. The Police Oath of Office is being administered by Bradford Woods council woman Victoria Laird-Pongrace. (The officers are asked to swear to the Police Oath of Office for each of the townships that NRPD covers, Pine, Marshall, BradfordWoods, and Richland. The oath basically states they will defend the US Constitution, Pa Constitution and all local ordinances.)

At a swearing-in ceremony, on Wednesday, June 10th at the Pine Community Center in Wexford, former Clarion Area Bobcat Football and Baseball standout Corbin Ragley officially became a member of the Northern Regional Police Department.

The Northern Regional Police Department is located in the northwestern corner of Allegheny County, which borders Butler County to the north and Beaver County to the west, covering roughly fifty-three square miles. It is the largest police department in total area from Pittsburgh to Erie and serves and a population of approximately thirty-five thousand people in the municipalities of Bradford Woods, Marshall, Pine and Richland.

North Allegheny and Pine Richland School Districts are within the department’s jurisdiction.

Northern Regional several divisions such as; Investigations, Traffic, K9, Accident Reconstruction and SWAT. Currently the rank structure is as such; Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, 4 Sergeants, 3 Detectives and patrol.

Alexis Korol, Kurt Gilkinson, Kori Phillips, Corbin Ragley, and Eric Bauman, being administered the Police Oath of Office by Mike Dennehy, Pine Township Supervisor.

Chief John A. Sicilia stated, “The regional policing concept in Pennsylvania is not all that common and the NRPD has been a model for municipalities statewide on how to make it work.”

Corbin went through an intensive process to be selected as one of the new officers. Chief Sicilia mentioned, “Corbin was 1 of 5 newly hired NRPD patrol officers.  The process started in early spring of 2020 with 56 candidates.  After successfully completing a written test, physical agility test, oral interview and background check, Corbin made the final cut to be one of the five hired.”  The others include Alexis Korol, Kurt Gilkinson, Kori Phillips and Eric Bauman.

Chief Sicilia continued, “Northern Regional is big enough to be able to provide these specialty positions for our residents but small enough to have that tight knit community feel.” 

“Pinning In” Ceremony where Corbin receives his badge the first time. Badge pinned on by mother Melissa Anderson. Chief John A Sicilia standing in background.

The Chief shared about some of Corbin’s strong points. “I believe what separated Corbin from the rest of the pack was his ability to communicate.  We pride ourselves in treating the people we encounter like family.  We understand people make mistakes and need to be held accountable but we do our best to treat all with respect and dignity.  From what we learned in Corbin’s background check and his interview is he has the values we look for in a candidate.  The ability to listen, to show empathy, to not be robotic and simply put just be a compassionate human.

“I believe Corbin will fit in well with the NRPD family and I expect him to have a long successful career.  We are as excited to have him as he is to join us.”

Corbin officially started on Monday, June 22nd, being assigned to the Patrol Division. He said, “Just recently, I acquired my current position as a Police Officer with the Northern Regional Police Department. My duties will be enforcing the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and providing security and justice to the communities in which I have sworn to serve.”

Corbin, a 2016 graduate of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Act 120 Police Academy, joins the NRPD after serving on the Clarion University of Pennsylvania Police Department since December of 2016.

Of his time with the CUP Force, Corbin said, “I learned valuable skills in becoming a proficient Police Officer.

Corbin on duty for CUP Police Department and Thomas Wurster USMC. The Clarion Area Grads at a Bobcats football game.

Clarion University of Pennsylvania Police Department Chief Jason Hendershot said, Corbin was employed with the Clarion University Police Department for approximately 3 years, and was an asset to the agency. I am confident he will continue to serve as a model officer in the future. I wish him the best of luck with the Northern Regional Police Department.”

Corporal Shane White, a Detective with the Clarion University Police said, “I knew right away that Corbin would be an outstanding officer.  From day one, he had the willingness to learn and engage.  You don’t see many new officers like that anymore. 

“Corbin will excel at Northern Regional, I have no doubt about that.  They are very fortunate to have Corbin, not only is he a great police officer, he is a better person.  I hate to lose him in our Department, but Northern Regional is gaining a great officer.  Nothing but good wishes and prayers for safety to my friend and fellow brother in blue.” 

Clarion University of Pennsylvania Police Department Sergeant Frank Remmick stated, “Patrolman Corbin Ragley has always been a professional and motivated officer. He has always represented law enforcement in a positive way. I have always enjoyed working alongside of him. Northwest Region Police made a good decision when they hired him.”

Corbin with father Sam and step mother Angela Ragley

A number of Corbin’s loved ones attended the ceremony, including his mother Melissa Anderson and step father Michael Anderson; his father Sam Ragley and step mother Angela Ragley; his aunt Julie Aaron; his brother and sister Gabriel Anderson and Bryn Anderson and his girlfriend Rebecca Merwin.

Corbin’s mother Melissa, who had the honor of pinning the badge on her son, during the “Pinning In” Ceremony, said, “Corbin has wanted to be a police officer for as long as we can remember. He has great respect for the law and for those who work hard to protect their community and make sure people are safe including law enforcement, military, first responders and all health care workers. 

Corbin with mother Melissa Anderson

“We were thrilled and so proud when Corbin chose to go to the police academy at IUP.  Corbin was always open to law enforcement at the state or local level. I believe his goal was to find a police department that he felt he could have a life long career at and it felt like family. We feel blessed that Clarion University gave him his first opportunity and now at Northern Regional in Wexford.

“We are so proud and honored to know that Corbin is protecting and helping those in need and keeping our communities safe.”

Corbin with girlfriend Rebecca Merwin

Corbin played both football and baseball for Clarion Area. He mentioned, “Some of the most memorable times playing was winning the D9 championship in football, and just enjoying playing baseball with some of my closest friends. We all played with extreme passion for the game, and we left everything on the field. That’s something I’ll cherish forever, since we will never get that back.”

Bobcat Head Football Coach Larry Wiser said, “Corbin was a very good football player on a very good team. What I remember the most about him was that there was no challenge physical or mental that was too big for him.

“What I never knew about him until the final playoff game was he was a talker. I always thought he was this quiet young man that let his actions speak volumes, but learned from his teammates that he was the sheriff on the field. If one of his teammates was being mistreated, he let that opponent know that his actions would not be tolerated. I admire this young man for what he has accomplished to this point in his young career. Best wishes!”

Lee Weber, Corbin’s Head Baseball Coach and Assistant Football Coach, had this to say, “Corbin was an underrated athlete at Clarion Area.  He doesn’t say much on the field.  He does his talking with his actions.  In football, he was a tough defensive back that could come up and stick a running back or he could manhandle a wide receiver at the line before he could take off.  He was very diverse.  He was a receiver on offense and dangerous hitman on special teams.     

Corbin playing for the Cats

“In baseball, he was an outstanding outfielder and starting pitcher.  He was Third Team All-KSAC for offense and second team All KSAC for pitching.  We were 15-3 his senior season and he pitched and won most of those games.  He was also a tough out at the plate and stole many bases for us.  We average over 10 runs a game that season and he scored many of those due to his high on base percentage.  In his final 3 seasons of baseball, we took 2nd in the KSAC and won it twice!  Could not have done it without him!”

Coach Weber shared these fine words for Corbin, “I also want to congratulate Corbin in earning his position in Wexford as a police officer for NRPD. Very proud of his persistent hard work in preparing for this very important position!  

“Having Corbin in the classroom and in sports throughout his High School years, I noticed Corbin has some great qualities. He has a sense of responsibility, self-confidence, adaptability, ability to follow directions and do what is right, and COURAGE! All of these great characteristics will be very helpful to this honorable profession.  Thank you for your willingness to serve and protect!  I’m sure your friends and family are very proud!  I know I am!”

Corbin pitching for CUP

Corbin played baseball for one season for Clarion University. He mentioned, “There was some intense competition, especially down in spring training down south where I got to play against high caliber athletes with pro scouts watching. One kid hit a bomb off of me that was so far that I still don’t think it’s touched the ground yet after 10 years. After that, I transferred schools to pursue criminal justice.”

CUP Baseball: Corbin second from left in front,

Corbin closed by saying, “I would like to thank all of my family and friends who have supported me, and helped me achieve this success. I will be forever grateful of the memories I have from playing sports back in the day, and would like to contribute much of my work ethic and attitude from playing. I learned what it’s like to be respectful and become a team player. Much like in law enforcement. I will carry out my duties as a Police Officer with the utmost integrity and respect, and treat people with kindness and empathy.”

Congratulations, Corbin! You make us Clarion Proud!!!!

(Some of Corbin’s High School sports accomplishments: Baseball (2008-2010): All-KSAC Offense and Pitcher Pitcher and Utility Player, Team Captain Sr. Year; All-KSAC Offense and Pitcher as a senior; Career Pitching: 16-5 .762 Career Batting: .333, 56 Hits, 36 RBI’s, 60 Runs Scored Football: (2007-2009) Wide Receiver and Defensive Back All-KSAC Defensive Back as a senior Career: 138 Tackles, 1 Interception, 1 Fumble Caused, 2 Fumble Recoveries / 70 Tackles as a senior)

(Thank you to all who contributed quotes and other information for this article and special thanks to Ismael Lopez, Public Information Officer for Northwest Regional Police Department for the photo and captioning help.)