Cal German To Continue Academic And Athletic Career At Juniata College

(Above-Clarion Area photo) Front (L-R) Dad, Joel; Cal: and Mom Karri. Back (L-R) Clarion Area Bobcats and recently retired Central Clarion Wildcats Head Coach, Larry Wiser; Bobcat Basketball Assistant Coach, Tom Lewis; Bobcat Basketball Head Coach, Scott Fox; Clarion Area Bobcat and Wildcats Assistant Coach and new Head Coach, Dave Eggleton

Clarion Area senior Calvin (Cal) German, son of Joel and Karri German, a three sport standout, recently signed National Letters of Intent to continue his basketball, football and academic and athletic career at Juniata College in Huntingdon.

In addition to excelling at quarterback in football and a guard in basketball at Clarion Area, Cal also plays baseball for the Bobcats. He also was the last starting quarterback in Bobcats’ history and the first starting quarterback in Central Clarion Wildcats history.

Cal, who was named First Team Pennsylvania Football News All-State at quarterback this past season, is the All-Time passing leader for players from Clarion Area High School, amassing these totals: 4556 Passing Yards – 1st All-Time, 61 Touchdowns – 1st All-Time, 230 Completions – 1st All-Time, 431 Attempts – 1st All-Time. He also holds these Single Season records for the Bobcats and Wildcats: 2019 – Clarion Area Bobcats, 98/176 – 2349 Yards* – 32 Touchdowns* 2020 – Central Clarion Wildcats, 110/212 – 1884 Yards – 22 Touchdowns

Cal, a point guard/shooting guard for the District Nine Class AA Champions and PIAA State Semifinalist Bobcats this past season, finished his career with 1661 ranking second All-Time at Clarion Area. (Clarion Scoring Leaders: 1. Don Hager. 1774. (1956) 2. Calvin German 1661 (2021) 3. Frank Brooks 1572 (1966) 4. Ed Hepinger 1477 (1986) )

(Many of Cal’s stats and awards are listed at the bottom of the article.)

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Why did Cal choose Juniata? “I chose Juniata for several reasons. It is a great academic fit for me first and foremost and it is a great driving distance for my parents and friends to come and watch me play. I also chose it because of the campus. Having been familiar with it from going down to summer basketball camp with the basketball team in 9th and 10th grade, I felt extremely comfortable with the people as well as the campus as a whole.”

As to his field of study, Cal mentioned, “I plan to major in Biology while minoring in business. I also plan to continue down the medical path and have a career related to the medical field. Science has always intrigued me and Juniata is top of the class when it comes to the science field of study …After earning a degree in either the medical or business realm.  I plan to move to either California or Florida to warmer weather! I also hope to open my own personal sports gym for kids in the future! I am extremely blessed to be given the opportunity to play football and basketball at the next level and I am beyond excited to see where this journey leads me!”

The Eagles play in NCAA Division III in both football and basketball. The football team is a member of the Centennial Conference, while the basketball team is a member of the Landmark Conference.

Head Football Coach Josh Carter was hired in 2020, but with the Centennial Conference cancelling their schedule his first game will be this fall. Before taking over the Eagles’ helm Coach Carter spent six years on the staff at his alma mater, Muhlenberg College as the special team’s coordinator and quarterbacks and wide receivers coach. The Mules went 58-13 while he was on staff, winning the ECAC Championship in 2017. Muhlenburg was the Centennial Conference Co-Champion and made the NCAA Elite Eight, in 2018. They won the conference championship in 2019, going 13-1, while making it to the NCAA DIII Semifinals.

(Juniata College photo) Juniata Head Football Coach Josh Carter

Coach Carter had this to say about Cal, “Calvin is going to be a great addition to our squad here at Juniata. We expect him to be a part of a dynamic class of ‘25 recruiting class that is aiming to bring Juniata back among the top flight programs in the Centennial Conference. Calvin is a dual threat QB that should be able to come in and compete early to be at the helm of our offense. His vision and his competitiveness will fit in nicely in our QB room and bring a tenacity to our team that will be welcomed.”

Eagles’ Head Basketball Coach and Athletic Director Greg Curley has over 250 wins, at the Eagles’ helm, dating back to the 2001-02 season. He was named Commonwealth Coach of the Year in 2006-07, and Landmark Conference Coach of the Year in 2011-12 and 2017-18. The Eagles’ Staff was named Landmark Staff of the Year in 2012 and 2018.

(Juniata College Photo) Juniata Head Basketball Coach Greg Curley

Coach Curley had this to say about his new recruit, “We are super excited to have Calvin join our basketball program. He is a terrific fit for us both academically and athletically.

“Calvin’s commitment to academics and his goal of pursuing a career in medicine align perfectly with our strengths. Our program has produced a multitude of successful physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists. In fact, the last two Landmark Scholar Athletes of the Year are currently in med school after having had very successful basketball careers in our program. We see the same opportunities for Calvin at Juniata.

“Athletically, Calvin’s athleticism, play making, and leadership will compliment a young, hungry, and very talented group. We think he is the kind of player that will allow us to continue to compete for Landmark Championships.”

(Clarion Area photo) Cal with National Letters of Intent

Cal mentioned, “There are several things that I like about the sports teams that I am joining at Juniata.

“With football, I personally loved how the coaches recruited me. Coach Carter and the entire staff really sold me with everything they have to offer. The facilities as well as the strength and conditioning coach at Juniata are top notch. On my visit, they were extremely excited to bring me in as their quarterback. I connected with their entire staff right away. Currently, there are 4 Quarterbacks on the roster. This opportunity to have an impact right away was a deciding factor in my decision making process.

“On the Basketball side, I also loved how the coaching staff approached me. They were in attendance at 2 of my games this year and I had a great visit with Coach Curley and Coach Fleegle! They both sold me with what they are trying to accomplish; taking the next step toward year in and year out conference and national titles! To me, I am thrilled to be alongside great players at Juniata when I get there. The coaching staff was very upfront with me from the day they started recruiting me and they were persistent in wanting me to become a part of their team!”

(Photo by Bri Nellis – Bri Nellis photography)

Cal mentioned a number of individuals who have helped him along the way. “First Off, I would like to thank God for the opportunity to play at the next level.

(Photo submitted) Cal and parents on Football Senior Night

“Next, a special thanks to my parents. Ever Since I was born, Family, Academics and Sports has been my life. My dad especially has always pushed me in every way he could, from building a hoop facility in my backyard, to a home-made putting green to painting a football field with the Clarion Logo in the middle of it in my backyard. My mom has been equally as important every step of the way. She has supported me in the greatest ways a kid could ever ask for from a mother. I cannot thank them enough for driving me to all of the baseball tournaments when I was younger, AAU tournaments and the late nights on the road all so I could do what I love to do. I would not be here today without them.

“Next, to all of the coaches who have helped me get to this point, thank you. A special thanks to my lifelong baseball coach Garett Goheen, to Coach Lewis, Coach Quinn and Coach Fox with basketball, to Coach Wiser and Coach Eggleton with football as well as Coach Jewitt in Baseball to name a few. I greatly appreciate the belief that you guys have always had in me and I thank you for all the hours you have put in with me.

“A special thanks to Randy Cathcart and Eain Brooks for the time they continue to put in with me in the weight room and teach me how to be a responsible man. Thank you for the countless hours in the weight room you have spent with me.”

“Coach Rogers and Coach Deas, as well as the whole Rising Stars program, have been fundamental in my basketball career. Both have had strong impacts on my game and my development as a player. I have gained tremendous knowledge throughout the years from both of them and continue to today as well. The exposure I have gained from the rising stars AAU program has shaped me into who I am today! Thank you to Coach Deas and Laugand for believing in me and pushing me to my full potential. All In!”

(Photo by Bri Nellis – Bri Nellis photography)

“Playing sports at Clarion has been a tremendous experience and honor and I am fortunate to have had numerous teammates and coaches to play and compete alongside. While there are several memories I will cherish from playing here, having the opportunity to play alongside the people I have grown up around will be what I remember most.”

Recently retired Bobcats and Wildcats Head Coach Larry Wiser said, “I am excited to see Calvin take on this next challenge. His ability, athletic IQ, attitude, and work ethic will serve him well in college. One thing that stands out to me about this young man is that he loves to compete. At the college level you hear many times from good athletes that their sport becomes a job and they drop out. Calvin enjoys game preparation.”

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New Wildcats’ Head Coach and former Offensive Coordinator for Clarion Area and Central Clarion shared, “I am very excited for Cal. This is a great opportunity for him to continue his football and basketball career. He has been a great leader and role model for the athletes in our program. I am confident he will have a great college career.” 

Bobcats’ Head Basketball Coach Scott Fox mentioned. “Congratulations to Cal on signing with Juniata. He had a great career at Clarion in football and basketball. He became the second leading scoring in school history along with winning a district championship his senior year. He was also First Team All-Conference his junior and senior year. He was a great leader and has a strong work ethic in which he would push the other players to work as hard as he did. I hope Cal continues to have success like he did in high school at the college level.”

(Photo by Kendra Craddock) Bobcats with D9 Trophy and medals after D9 Championship game

Coach Tom Lewis had these fine things to say, “I would like to congratulate Cal on his signing to attend and play basketball at Juniata College.

“These past four years it has been my pleasure to coach him in basketball, watch him developing his skills and getting to know this fine young man.  His parents have a right to be proud of his accomplishments which are not limited to athletics. One of the benefits of coaching for as long as I have is that I not only coached Cal, but also his father.  The work ethic, competitiveness and love of basketball, I believe, he inherited from his dad. Cal has had a remarkable four years at Clarion Area High School, but I honestly believe this is only the beginning of a successful future.

“I have been asked to recall my favorite memory of Cal.  My most favorite memory of Calvin will not be basketball related, although one could use numeral examples. The memory I will carry with me is that of a young Cal attending basketball games with his parents, and the smile on his face every time I would walk by.  That smile continues today.  Seeing that smile then and now is more important to me than any basketball moment.”

Cal closed with, “A special thanks to my dad and mom again for all the hours they have spent with me in everything. I want to thank them for pushing me to be the best version of myself that I can be each and every day and for all they have done throughout my life so far with regards to sports, academics and becoming a young adult.  I am looking forward to the challenge that lies ahead.”

Proud Mom and Dad Karri and Joel shared, “As parents, what we emphasized to Calvin at a very young age was that school comes first. His education was and is more important than any accomplishment on an athletic field or court. We also have tried to teach him to be a respectful person in society and have respect for others. We take more pride in seeing and hearing about these two areas of his life then his athletic accomplishments.

“That is not to say that sports do not and have not played an enormous role in his life. Being part of a team teaches life lessons that he will use his entire life. Sports can humble you, they can give you confidence, they require you to be a team player and a leader to mention just a few.

“They have been a part of his life from since he was able to walk. What he has done during his years as a Bobcat and Wildcat on the court and field are remarkable and nothing we could have predicted. He has had a stellar carrier and we both have enjoyed watching him and his teammates these many years.

“We could not be more proud of his decision to play both basketball and football at Juniata College. People often ask us if we are sad that he is a senior and that his High School career is coming to an end. We are excited to see what the future holds for him. This chapter in his life is coming to an end, but the next chapters are full of joy, excitement, struggles and accomplishments that we both are looking forward to. We are so very proud of Calvin.

“We would like to thank the Clarion Area School District, including the faculty, administration and coach’s that have had a part in Calvin’s life. Each and everyone of you have helped him become the young man he is today. So many of you have taken extra time to help him in this journey and we truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

(Congratulations to Cal, his family, Clarion Area School District, the Bobcats and Wildcats and Juniata College!!!! Cal, You make us Clarion Proud!!!!)

Following Are Some Congratulatory Quotes from others Cal mentioned in his comments.:

Clarion Area Baseball Coach Rob Jewett: Cal is a wonderful young man to coach.  He is really dedicated and determined to succeed in any sport he plays.  He is extremely coachable and a great teammate.  I know Cal will continue his extremely hard work ethic and passion for each sport in college.  I will really miss Cal when he graduates, but have enjoyed the time I had to coach him.  I wish him all the best and hope he continues to succeed in college and wherever life takes him!

Clarion Area Girls’ Basketball Coach Jess Quinn (Coach Quinn was the Boys’ Coach for Cal’s freshman and junior seasons and his Junior High football coach.) Cal German is one of the most competitive young men I have had the privilege to coach.  Be it football, basketball, or in the classroom, Calvin always gave everything he had.  It seems like just yesterday Cal was in my 4th grade classroom listening to Johnsonburg play in the State Championship game and here he is on the verge of graduation.  Cal, you are one of the most talented and committed athletes I have ever coached.  It was my pleasure, truly, to say that I had the opportunity to spend that time with you.  GOOD LUCK at Juniata.  If you keep working as hard as you have been, you will continue the success that you deserve. 

Always, Coach Quinn

Coach Randy Cathcart: I would like to congratulate Calvin on a fantastic high school career. He is a hard-working and dedicated athlete and even a better person. Good luck at Juniata College. I’ll be rooting for you.

Personal Trainer Eain Brooks: Calvin is a gifted athlete…but what makes him really really special is his commitment to getting better. His real gift is his work ethic. His willingness to work harder than anyone else. I can’t wait to see the athlete he becomes in college!

(Photo Submitted) Cal with personal trainer Eain Brooks

Rising Stars Coach Rogers Laugand: I am excited for Cal. Cal has been with Rising Stars since he was in 8th grade and I have witnessed firsthand how hard he has worked to become a collegiate player. Due to his work ethic, skill level, and desire to be successful, I am confident that he will do well in academics and athletics.   

Rising Stars Coach Joe Deas: Cal German is a unique athlete and foremost a great person who has outstanding skill sets in basketball and football.  I have had the opportunity to coach him in basketball with the Rising Stars AAU basketball program since middle school.   During his time with the Rising Stars Cal has been a sponge and become a student of the game.  He has developed into a hard-nosed, gritty, leader.  These traits will help in his success at the next level in both sports.  Juniata College is gaining one of Clarion’s best! 

Joe Deas

(Photo submittted) Rising Stars Basketball: Coach Laugand – Front Left, Coach Deas – Back Right

Little League All-Star Coach Garrett Goheen: I want to congratulate Calvin on his athletic accomplishments in high school. I also want to wish him good luck in his soon to be collegiate athletic career.     

During Clarion Little League’s All-star success of the early 2010s, Calvin won 4 district championships and 2 sectional championships. These were feats that had not been accomplished by Clarion in decades. Recently I was talking with a few other players from those teams and we all agreed that Calvin’s 12 year of All-stars season was the single greatest run that any individual player ever had in a Clarion Little League All-star uniform. He hit 7 homeruns in 7 games that year. Clarion had a lot of other great players during that near decade of dominance, but no other player averaged a homerun per game.    

Good Luck in Juniata Cal. You’ve come a long way from the batting cages at the minor league field. Don’t forget whether playing football, baseball, basketball, or golf, those that practice the hardest, enjoy the games the most.

One very proud little league coach.

Garrett Goheen

2015 District 25 11-12 Year Old Champions

Some of Cal’s Stats and Awards:

Basketball: Freshman Season: Earned a Varsity Letter, scored 171 points on the Varsity Team: Sophomore Season: Earned Varsity Letter, 2nd team All-KSAC- Honorable Mention Tri-County Sunday/Courier Express All-District Team. 437 total points scored. Junior Season: Earned a Varsity Letter, Captain, 1st team – All-KSAC, 1st  Team All-District Team, 1st team All-Tri-County Team 21.6 PPG, 4.3 APG, 4RPG, 3SPG, 532 total points scored Senior Season: Team Captain, 1st Team All KSAC; District/State selections TBA; 20 PPG, 4.2 APG, 3.6 RPG, 3 SPG 51% shooting from the Field. 521 total points scored. Career:  scored 1661 career points, 2nd All-Time at Clarion Area (Clarion Scoring Leaders: 1. Don Hager. 1774. (1956) 2. Calvin German 1661 (2021) 3. Frank Brooks 1572 (1966) 4. Ed Hepinger 1477 (1986) )

Football: Sophomore Season: Earned Team’s Outstanding Sophomore Award. Junior Season: Varsity letter, Captain, Outstanding Junior Award, 2nd team, All-District selection, 2,349 yards and 31 touchdowns. Senior Season: Team Captain, 1st Team All-District selection, PA Football News Coaches 1st team All-State selection, 1884 yards, 18 TDS. Career Stats: All-Time leading Bobcat/Wildcat Quarterback in Clarion Area school History with 4,556 passing yards, 61 touchdowns.

Baseball: Freshman Season: Played Shortstop and Second Base. Sophomore Season: Starting Shortstop. Junior Season: canceled due to Covid.

(Cal lettered every varsity season in each sport he participated in.)