CSZ Sportswriter Mindi Verdill Shares Highlights on Lions Boys Soccer’s “Amazing Season!”

(Photos by Kristen Geiger) Above: 2022 Clarion-Limestone Boys Soccer Team – Joe Nasar, Jamison McIlwein, Isaac Lerch, Brendan Bettwy, Carter Brown, Dany Schweitzer, Wyatt Boyden, Jason Megnin, Thomas Uckert, Brady Pierce, Reece Geiger, Quinn O’Neill, Bailee Verdill, Tyler Bingham, Blaise Cunningham, Leyton  Dunn, Qwyntin Leadbetter. Coaches: Head Coach Don Montgomery, Assistant Coaches, Donavan Montgomery, Kyle Schonbachler, Harrison Porter.

(By CSZ Clarion-Limestone Boys Soccer sportswriter Mindi Verdill)

If growth as a team would win championships, this team would have won hands down. They may have come up short in the quarterfinal game against Elk County Catholic, but they showed how much they grew as a team and as a unit that continued to play their game of soccer until the final whistle.

They accomplished so many things that have never been done before or haven’t been done in a very long time.

Lions’ seniors: Reece Geiger, Bailee Verdill, Tyler Bingham, Joe Nasar

They had a game filled schedule….18 games compared to 9 games a season in the past.

They beat Karns City for the first time in team history.

They beat DuBois.

They beat Brockway… twice.

They scored 101 goals as a team!!

They only allowed 21 goals in the net.

They played and grew as a TEAM!

They created so many memories on and off the field and truly enjoyed and appreciated each other.

We are so very thankful for such an amazing season! They were fun to watch!!

(Great Season, Lions!!!! Thanks to Mindi Verdill this article and her fine coverage this season and seasons past!! Thanks to Kristen Geiger for her photos!!)