Clarion Area Volleyball Presents Clarion Hospital Foundation – Patient Care Fund With $1,214 Check From Proceeds From Dig Pink Fundraiser

Photo by Steve Seifert – Row 1 (L-R):  Rhiannon Copenhaver, Kelsey Best, Bri Pierce, Tracy Meyers (Director of Oncology Services at Butler Health System – Clarion Hospital), Grace Ochs, Natalie Durish, Sophie Babington. Row 2 (L-R):  Head Coach Shari Campbell, Anna O’Toole, Hadlee Campbell, Alivia Diehl, Adia Needham, Taylor Alston, Marley Kline, Alicyn Burford, Lauren Brinkley, Assistant Coach Tracy Durish.

Friday afternoon, October 28th after practice, the Clarion Area Volleyball Team presented a check for $1,214 to the Clarion Hospital Foundation – Patient Care Fund.

The amount on the check is the total proceeds from the Dig Pink Dig Pink Breast Cancer Awareness And Fundraiser that was held prior to the Bobcats match with DuBois.

Photo by Nate Girvan – The Clarion and DuBois players and coaches in their Dig Pink shirts.

Tracy Myers (Director of Oncology Services at Butler Health System – Clarion Hospital) shared these insights into the Patient Care Fund’s work, “We have what is called the Patient Care Fund, which is within the Clarion Hospital Foundation. Moneys can be designated toward specific things. But all the money goes to help cancer patients, whether it’s wigs, which are oftentimes for women who have breast cancer that need chemotherapy. So we pay for their wigs. We pay for gas cards, for people that can’t work. Sometimes we’ll help pay their utility bills.

“Anything that we can help them with, because of the financial constraints with having cancer. So we do a multitude of different things with the money.”

Myers had this to say about the great support that is given from throughout the area, “We are just incredibly, incredibly grateful for the support that we get from this community, from the schools, from the college, from different businesses, different individuals that we’ve helped, that turn around and and want to help in return.

“I always say, we’re like the ninth poorest county in the state of Pennsylvania, but you would never know, because people are so generous. We have a very close working relationship with Allegheny Health Network and when they hear what our community does for our Cancer Center, they are kind of taken aback, by that.

“And I think it is just the people in this community, that’s what helps to make our Cancer Center a special place to get help. We’re very grateful to the people that live here.

“Clarion does the big basketball game in the wintertime with Knox. So that’s always a fun event too.”

(Thank you to all involved with this great cause!!!! Thanks to Tracy Myers for her comments, and to Steve Seifert and Nate Girvan for their pics!!)